DVD - Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets With A Heart

"What are you doing today to make a lasting difference in lives tomorrow?" A thought-provoking, life-changing question for parents and those ministering to children.

Challenging children to embrace scriptural principles remains the only way to make an eternal difference in boys and girls lives.

The new DVD release "Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets With A Heart" will help you do just that!

Songs such as "Mind of Christ", "Choices", "Got It All Backwards", and "All Things Work Together" leave an indelible impression for faith-shaping in young lives.

If you have never seen the Puppets with a Heart in action, you will be amazed at their unforgettable life messages about being yourself, what to do when your heart is breaking, the importance of serving with our talents in the world today and other kid-oriented topics.

As children become emotionally involved with these puppets, they will apply the principles to their everyday lives.

You will want to buy this new DVD today for use not only at home with your children and grandchildren, but for presentations at Sunday School, VBS, mid-week programming, and camp. Ideas for promoting discussion are included.

EVERY parent should have this professional, multi-media presentation! EVERY Sunday School teacher must have a copy! EVERY children's ministry volunteer needs this amazing resource!

This new DVD will help children become kingdom-focused. Order your copy today. You will have no regrets.