Anything Goes. No team member may duplicate what someone else does. The first child may run; the next hop; the next skip; the next run with arms out; etc.

Backwards Walk. Walk backwards to the goal line and backwards to the starting line.

Ball Bounce. The first player bounces the ball to the goal line and back.

Ball Kick. The first child kicks the ball, with one foot, to goal line and back again, tagging off number 2 who does the same.

Birthday Line-up. The children line up according to their birth dates. Younger children will need help.

Balloon Break. Each team member runs to goal line where there is a chair; sits on a balloon until it breaks; and runs back to tag next one in line.

Crab Walk. Walk sideways to goal line and back.

Duck Walk. The children bend down and walk like ducks, without bending the knees.

Elephant Walk. The children bend over, hold hands together with arms hanging in front, like an elephant. They walk this way to the goal line and back.

Height Line-Up. The boys and girls line up according to height.

Hop and Run. The first child hops on one foot to the goal line.. He then runs back and tags off the next team member.

One-Legged. Hop on one leg to goal line and run back to tag the next person.

Over and Under. An inflated balloon is passed over the head of the first child; between the legs of the second; and so forth.

Skip and Run. Skip to goal line and run back.

Wheelbarrow Wobble. Each child finds a partner. One is wheelbarrow and walks on his hands while the other child holds up his feet, parallel with the ground. Each "wheel-barrow" goes to goal line and back.