BEGIN WITH A BANG! Bible Storytelling

When telling Bible stories to boys and girls, be sure and begin with a bang!

If the story in your curriculum does not, take a few moments to re-write it.

Which of these stories is most effective and why?

# 1: Our missionary work among the Indians was started in 1887. Since then, hundreds of Indian boys who wanted an education have been helped. Last year's graduating class numbered 81.

#2: Young Swift-As-Lightening ran to meet his father. It had been 3 days since Chief Flying Hawk had left the reservation on his important errand. "What did you find? the boy called as he came within shouting distance. "What did they say?

Beginning # 1: lulls to sleep - gives no picture - has not aroused any hope

Beginning # 2: captures interest by immediacy - hooks listener presents picture/promise. Appeals to emotion rather than intellect

For whatever age level you teach, be creative! Use your imagination! Draw the children into the story immediately action, arousing curiosity, or asking a question.