Bored kids and teachers
Declining attendance
Drab classrooms
Church basement mildew 
Lifeless lessons

Exciting electronic explosions evolve daily in our present high-tech, borderless world. Resources are literally at our fingertips.

Consequently, we must bury our past one-dimensional, tame teaching techniques . . . and we must bury the beige, boring classroom in a blizzard of creative, kid-oriented design.

Classroom learning is now hands-on, active, and multisensory, using developmentally appropriate methods to discover biblical principles and having children apply these principles for spiritual growth.

Public schools refer to participational learning as TPR: Total Pupil Response.

In Christian Education, we now call it Interactive Learning (learning by doing) or "When the Body Moves, the Brain Remembers!"

The old fallacy said: Students learn best when seated upright at a table or desk.

Research through the years has concluded: The stress on the tissues of the buttocks often causes fatigue, discomfort and the need for frequent postural change.

The old fallacy said: Students who do not sit still are not ready to learn.

Research concludes: When permitted to move from one instructional area to another to learn new information, the youngsters achieved statistically better than they did when required to learn while remaining seated."

When the body moves, the brain remembers.

Every time we move in an organized manner, full brain activation and integration occurs, and the door to learning opens.

After 30 days, students remember: 10% of what hear; 15% of what see; 20% what hear and see; 40% of what discuss; 80% of what they do.