CHRISTMAS NATIVITY CRAFT: Shepherds Watching Sheep

To make shepherds which will stand on their own, attach with tape to a large paper cup. The sheep will stand on their clothespin legs.

The boys and girls can be encouraged to retell the Bible story at home using these visuals.

CRAFT: Baby Jesus in Manger - Nativity

Needed for Each Child: A heavy piece of paper 5” x 81/2”; 2 pieces of white construction paper 21/2“ x 3“ for the ends of the manger; straw (if available) or brown paper which has been shredded or cut into small pieces for hay; scotch tape; crayons; small pieces of material for a blanket.

Activity: Color the manger. Fold the 5” x 81/2” piece into thirds. Tape on the manger sides. Drop in the hay or shredded brown paper. Draw, color and cut out baby Jesus. Wrap the baby in cloth and place it in the manger.

SONG: “Manger of My Heart” by Mary Rice Hopkins from A Very Mary Christmas album.

SURPRISE BOX - Creative Sunday School Lessons

SURPRISE BOXES can be used in so many ways when presenting your Sunday School lesson or for use in review.

As seen in the picture, a lot of time does not need to be spent in creating one. All ages of boys and girls enjoy surprises!

Jonah & Whale Craft Activity

Older boys and girls can draw and cut out the fish. You need two fish which are the same. Glue at the edges (except around the mouth.) The children can draw a figure of Jonah and use it to put in and out of the whale's mouth.

Younger children can decorate a whale (as seen in picture) which you freehanded. Biblical pictures can be found on the internet to represent Jonah.