JESUS HEALS A LEPER - Interactive Bible Story

Luke 5:12-15

Instructions: Every time in the beginning of the story when the children hear the word "leper", they stand say "Unclean." Every time later in the story when they hear the word "man", they stand and say, "Praise the Lord!"

Move out of the way,” someone called.

Get back quick,” yelled another.

A leper came to Jesus to be healed. Everyone moved away as the leper approached. “Don’t get near the leper.” someone said. “Don’t get close or you may get leprosy, too.”

When the leper got to Jesus, he knelt before Jesus and begged, “Please, Jesus. I am a leper. If You only will, You can heal me of my disease. Please make me well.”

Jesus knew that no one wanted a leper around. A leper could not live with his family. A leper could not go to work. The only way a leper could get money for food was to beg.

Jesus could tell that this poor leper had faith in Him. So Jesus put His hand out and touched the leper. He said, “Be healed.”

The man looked at his sores. They were gone! His skin was smooth and healthy again! The leprosy had left him instantly! The man felt strong now. How excited the man was!

"You are no longer a leper," Jesus said to the man. "You don’t have to stay away from people anymore. You can go back to your family. But first, you must go and let the priest examine you. If he says you are healed, you can go home again.”

The man started to the Temple. The man walked very fast. Then the man started to run. As he ran, the man shouted to everyone he met: “I’m healed! I’m no longer a leper!” He ran all the way to the Temple.

The people who were watching began to say: “He’s healed! He’s really healed! Jesus healed this man!"

The news of Jesus’ power spread fast. Crowds of people came to hear Jesus preach and ask Him to heal them.