ROBOT WALK - Bible Verse Memorization Activity

Children walk around the room like robots.
When the teacher calls “freeze”, students hold their position and quote the verse together in a robot voices.

VBS IDEAS UNLIMITED - Free Planning Guide

Click HERE for free planning guide which includes administration planning and training teachers.


Click HERE for free Old Testament People puzzle (with answer sheet).

THE RESURRECTION - Free Printable Puzzle

Click HERE for free printable Puzzle, "The Resurrection" based on Luke 24:1-12.


Click HERE for free Palm Sunday coloring sheet.


Click HERE for "Bible Mothers" puzzle.


Click HERE for free word search puzzle: "Bible Fathers"


Click HERE for free printable puzzle, "Jesus in the Garden" based on Mark 14:32-50 (NIV).


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18 awesome songs for kids on this CD:  Candy Cane, Angel Band, Camels Are Cming, Go Tell It, Favored One / What Child is This?, Unwrap the Gift, Here in a Child, Sheep Party, Best Story of All, Peace on Earth Begins at Home, Imagine a Christmas, Just One, Manger of My Heart, Christmas Blessing, Christmas Joy / Joy to the World.

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THE BEST GIFT OF ALL - Mini-Musical for Christmas

The Best Gift of All is approx. 20 minutes in length.  Easy to perform! 

A neighborhood child wonders why her friend’s family decorates their Christmas tree with candy canes.  When they discover she has never heard of Jesus, they invite her to the children’s Christmas program practice at church where she hears about God’s gift of love.

You will receive:  Downloadable script with permission to reproduce copies; production notes which includes flexible cast of characters (11-15); staging suggestions; listing of props (Christmas tree, candy canes, red/white ornaments, manger, doll wrapped in swaddling clothes, Bible); listing of costumes needed (Caesar Augustus, Joseph, Mary, shepherds, angel); sheet music for the five songs; and MP3 stereo and accompaniment tracks downloaded.
Click HERE to hear song clips and read lyrics.

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"There will be a TEST next Sunday. Everyone be sure and come!"

The boys and girls in your class would not jump for joy upon hearing such an announcement, yet the basic goal of teaching is learning! Acquiring knowledge comes through reinforcement, and reinforcement comes as a result of continual review.

A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon pictures Calvin sitting in class, eyes half closed, about ready to drift off to sleep. Suddenly he sits upright and screams, "BORING!" "UNINTERESTING!" "HO-HUM!"

I've seen it often. The child who sits in class like a zombie, showing no interest, will become almost automatically drawn into a Bible game. Or Joe Cool who wouldn't be caught dead singing or participating in any way, can't resist participating in a game.

"A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down," sang Walt Disney's Mary Poppins. Her point, of course, was that even things which are distasteful can be made pleasant - in fact, downright fun.

This same principle applies to Christian Education. The primary purpose of Bible games is to review Bible facts, verses, and concepts. Educational experts tell us that one-third of our teaching time should be spent in review!

Application of knowledge is important for utilization. Reviewing helps learning become a meaningful part of a child's life. One way to accomplish this goal, is to teach with Bible games. The components of games are the same as for tests: questions and answers, with the added ingredient of fun!


Set up a mini obstacle course in your room to act out the story of the prodigal son.  You’ll need four stations.

At station 1, place a hat, a bag, and a pile of money (cut green construction paper) in a shoe box.
At station 2, place an empty shoe box to hold the money.
At station 3, make a square of masking tape on the floor for a pigpen.
At station 4, place a robe on a chair to represent “home.”

Let each child go through the obstacle course.  At station 1, the child should stuff the play money in the bag and put on the hat.  At station 2, the child should dump the money into the shoe box.  At station 3, the child should get on all fours inside the pigpen square and oink a few times.  At station 4, the child should put on the robe and sit in the chair.  Have a helper return the items to their proper stations as children finish with them so they’ll be there for the next child moving through the game.

As you let each child try the obstacle course, listen to the song “Come on Home” from Come on Home album by Mary Rice Hopkins.  (Click on song title to hear a clip.)


Click HERE for free printable secret code puzzle (NIV).


Click HERE to see video with instructions for this make-n-take.


1. Pray about the requests children share in class, including sick pets and other concerns.

2. Pray about specific situations a child’s family is facing and the impact it has upon the children in the home.

3. Pray that your students will do well in school.

4. Ask God to protect your students from negative influences in their schools or neighborhoods.

5. Pray that the children will remain tender toward God and will receive Jesus as Savior as soon as the Holy Spirit makes them aware of their need.

6. Pray for wisdom in dealing with your more difficult children. Ask God to help you reflect His love to those children even when you have to correct them.

7. Pray that your students can positively impact their world, even while they are young.

8. Pray for your students’ safety and protection.

9. Pray for your students’ parents, particularly for the salvation of unsaved parents.

10. Pray that God will someday help each child make wise courtship and marriage choices.

FREE PRINTABLE! 52 Scriptures for Kids Which Teach Values

Click HERE for the free printable which includes a list of Bible verses plus 52 cards which may be printed and cut out.

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT HANG Bible Verse Memorization Activity

BIBLE VERSE:  “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15).

MATERIALS NEEDED:  Construction paper, crayons or markers, scissors, tape or Christmas tree hooks, Christmas tree garland or yarn.


1.  Ask children to draw and cut out Christmas tree ornaments.

2.  Write one word from the verse on each ornament.  Write the Scripture reference on a separate ornament.

3.  Hang garland or yarn on a wall or bulletin board.

4.  Let children take turns hanging the ornaments in order on the garland or yarn with tape or Christmas tree hooks.

5.  Ask children to remove one ornament at a time, reciting the verse each time an ornament is removed.

CHRISTMAS GIFT HUNT - Bible Verse Memorization Activity


 PREPARATION:  Find pictures of Christmas packages on the internet, print and cut out.  Using your chosen Bible memory verse, write one word & the reference on each package.  “Hide” these on your walls of your room.

ACTIVITY:  Have the children hunt for the Christmas packages.  When all have been found, line the words up in correct order on a table.  Say the verse together several times.  Then play “Take-Away” by choosing a child to take away one gift.  Say the scripture together in unison.  Choose another pupil to take away a gift and say the verse.  Continue until all packages have been removed and verse is being said from memory. 



Click HERE for free printable Advent scripture cards -- one for each day of the month.


Click HERE for free Christmas story puzzle based on Luke 2:1-20 (NIV).


Click HERE for free "Birth of Jesus" printable based on Luke 2 (NIV).

DAYS OF ADVENT Family Resource

Click HERE for free "Days of Advent" by KidzMatter.  This resource was created to help you lead your family to a purposeful and intentional preparation for the celebration of Christmas.


Click HERE for free printable puzzle "Love Your Enemies" - Luke 6:27. The puzzle uses the NIV Bible version.

"A SPECIAL BABY" - Luke 1:26-38 - Free Printable Christmas Puzzle

Click HERE for free printable Christmas puzzle based on Luke 1:26-38.

BUILD A VERSE & TAKE AWAY - Bible Memorization Games

Boys and girls can use Lego blocks to build a verse.  Then the game "Take Away" can be played by removing one block, quoting the verse, removing another block, saying the verse, and so on until the verse is being said from memory and no blocks are left.

ZAP 'EM - Bible Lesson Review Game

Materials Needed:  Container of some kind labeled “Zap ‘Em”, 3×5 cards, chalk board or white board.

Preparation:  You will need a 3×5 card for each question you plan to ask during the game.  Cards say:  Add 5, Add 10, Add 15, Add 20, Add 25, Deduct 5, Deduct 10, Deduct 15, Deduct 20, Deduct 25.  Then depending on the number of questions you are asking, place two or four “Zap: Deduct 100 points” cards in the container.

Game Play:  Divide your group into two teams. If possible, have another adult besides yourself serve as scorekeeper.  Each team starts with 500 points.  Ask Team A a question.  If it is answered correctly, they receive 100 points and take a card from the container.  They have to follow the directions on the card.  (The card is NOT put back into the container.)  If they do not get the question right, the same question goes to Team B and they have an opportunity to receive the points and pull a card from the container.


"Plagues" (Dancing in Desert album by Mary Rice Hopkins) is the perfect song to go along with your Bible lesson. 

Order album HERE.

PICK UP STICKS Bible Memorization Game

Materials Needed:  Craft sticks and markers.

1.  Post the day's Bible verse and have the children say it together five times.
2.  Ask each child to write one word from the verse on each craft stick.  Write the scripture reference on one stick.
3.  Instruct everyone to turn their sticks face down and mix their order.
4.  On "Go," each child turns sticks face up and places them in order.  Read the verse together three times.
5.  Next play "Take Away."  Line up one set of sticks.  Say the verse.  Take one stick away and say the verse.  Continue until all sticks are removed.

Foundational Statistic:  To remember something, it must be repeated 15 times!

HIGH FIVE Bible Verse Memorization Recognition Idea

Materials Needed:  Construction paper, pen to write: "Great job learning your Bible verse! High five!"

Wise Man Foolish Man Demonstration Matthew 7:24-27

Before reading Matthew 7:24-27, let your children put 4 toothpicks in a mound of sand and 4 toothpicks in a mound of playdough.  Take take the cups to the sink and let them spray water on both.  What happens?

These were houses of toothpicks, but each of us are building houses of character.  Character is the good or bad qualities we have such as kindness or unkindness, self-control or impatience, etc.


Theme: God’s family; the body of Christ
Look at your feet. Would your feet totally by themselves be any good? No! They must be connected to the rest of your body to function properly.
Look at your hands. Would your hands be useful if they were all by themselves? No, they would not!
Is there any part of your body that would be good on its own? No body part would be good on its own, because each part needs all the other parts to form a complete body.
The eyes can blink, but they don’t think. The eyes can see, but they cannot hear. Have you ever stubbed your toe? Though it’s a small part of the body, when a toe hurts, the whole body hurts with it. The different parts work together and make up the whole body.
The family of God, the church, is like a body. Not all people do the same thing, but all are important. One person might be like a foot, taking the gospel to another country. Someone else might be like a hand, helping people in need. There are those who are mouths with the gift of singing. Everyone has different talents, abilities and gifts, but as the family of God works together in one unit, great things can be accomplished for Christ.

Discussion Questions:
1. Who at your church in the body of Christ uses hands to serve? (Greeters, people who prepare food, and teachers who create lessons.)
2. Who at your church in the body of Christ uses their feet to help and serve others? (People use their feet to visit sick people in the hospital; they also use their feet when they walk door-to-door handing out fliers about special events.)
3. Who at your church uses their mouth to serve? (The pastor, teachers, and those who offer words of encouragement to others use their mouths to serve.)

Action Step: Make a list of the talents and abilities you have. Make a plan for using at least one of them this week.

Bible Verse: “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it” (1 Corinthians 12:27).

Suggested Song:Everybody Has a Body” (Lighthouse album) -- Click on song title to hear a clip.

KNOCK KNOCK Reveletion 3:20 Song

Great song based on Revelation 3:20.  
Click HERE to view.

Paul and Silas Praise God in a Difficult Situation

Acts 16:16-40
Cast:  1 judge, 2 soldiers, Paul, Silas, guard, narrator, person 1 from crowd, person 2 from crowd, crowd.
At Rise:  Paul and Silas are standing before the judge, with the crowd of people surrounding them.

Crowd:  Arrest these men!  Arrest these men!

Judge: Order!  Order!

Crowd:  Arrest these men!  Arrest these men!

Judge: What is the charge?

Crowd:  Arrest these men!  Arrest these men!

Judge:  What have they done?

Crowd:  Arrest these men!  Arrest these men!

Person 1 from Crowd:  They are telling people about Jesus.

Person 2 from Crowd:  And they are doing things that are against our Roman law.

Crowd:  Arrest these men!  Arrest these men!

Judge: Hummmmmmmm...

Crowd:  Arrest these men!  Arrest these men!

Judge:  Throw Paul and Silas in jail!

(Soldiers take Paul and Silas to jail.)

Guard:  Who do we have here?

Soldier 1:  Prisoners.

Soldier 2:  Lock them up and see they don't escape.  Do you understand?

Guard:  Yes, sir!  I'll keep them safe.

(Paul and Silas sit against a wall.)

Narrator:  The guard unlocked the big door of the jail, put Saul and Silas in the dark, smelly room with no windows.  Their arms were chained, and the guard put their feet in leg irons locked around their ankles so they couldn’t walk.  He checked the lock on the big door again and then left.  Paul and Silas were left alone completely in the dark.  It was cold and damp -- a horrible place.  Minutes went by.  Hours went by.  Then it was almost midnight.

Paul:  Silas, are you asleep?

Silas:  Are you kidding, Paul?  I’m too cold.

Paul:  I can't sleep either.

Silas:  Are you scared?

Paul:  No.  God never sleeps.  I know He's watching over us.  Let’s pray.  Dear God, we don’t know why we are in this difficult situation but we’re going to trust in You.  Thank you being with us even here in awful place. Amen.

Silas:  I know what else might help.

Paul:  What?

Silas:  Let's sing. 

Paul:  I don't sing very well.

Silas:  That's okay.  God doesn't care how it sounds.  He just likes us to sing praises to Him.

(Paul and Silas silently sing while the narrator speaks.  It is obvious from their expressions they are singing songs of joy and praise.)

Narrator:  So, Paul and Silas began to sing songs of praise to God.  They sang and sang and sang. 

Silas:  WHAT’S THAT?

Paul:  I don't know. 

Silas:  The ground is moving!

Paul:  And look at the prison walls!  They are shaking!

Silas:  It’s an earthquake!  This whole building is going to topple on and we’ll be buried under the rubble.

Paul (standing):  My leg irons just fell off!  I can walk now.

Silas (standing):  My chains are off, too! And our prison cell door is open!

Paul:  Look!  All the doors have opened and all the prisoners are loose!

Narrator:  Somehow the guard had slept through the entire ordeal!  When he awoke and saw the doors swinging on their hinges, he figured all the prisoners had escaped.  He was SO scared!

Paul:  Guard, don’t be afraid!  We’re all here.  No one tried to escape.

Narrator:  Still trembling, the guard ran over to Paul and Silas. 

Guard (with hands on hips):  How did this happen?

Paul:  We prayed and sang praises to our God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He caused the earthquake and our chains to fall off.  He’s the One who opened the doors.  He is the Almighty One.  We trust in Jesus.  He hears and answers the prayers of those who believe in Him and call on Him.

Guard:  I want to believe.  What must I do to follow Him?

Silas:  You must ask Him to forgive your sins and come to live in your heart.  Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

Narrator:  Paul and Silas told the guard in detail about Jesus and he was SO happy!  The next day the guard was told to release the men from jail.  Paul and Silas learned that even in difficult situations, they could praise God and help others learn about Jesus, too!