Zacchaeus In the Tree Art Project

Materials Needed: White construction paper, crayons, scissors.

Instructions:  Fold a white sheet of construction in half long ways.  Draw the outline for half of a tree and cut out.  Color.  Draw a picture of Zacchaeus and cut out.  The tree will stand because it is slightly folded in the middle.  Zacchaeus can be placed in the tree.

Grandparent's Day Gift Idea: Flower Pots

Have children bring 8-10 pictures of themselves (printed on paper) with their grandparents.  Cut and glue to a flower pot.  Cover with Modge Podge.  Add a decorative ribbon.

BIBLE VERSE MAGIC: Memorization Review Activity

Materials Needed:  Post-It Notes, colored construction paper, colored pencils.

Activity:  Children write the Bible verse on Post It notes, putting one word on each note.  Two or three sheets of construction paper are then taped together the long way, depending on the length of the verse.  The children put the notes in the correct order on the paper.  Then they choose to remove any word they want and say the verse.  They continue until the verse has totally disappeared -- like magic!  Encourage the children to take the activity home and use with their parents and siblings.


Every Sunday School teacher knows the value of helping children memorize scripture.  The question is not should children memorize, but how can we help them memorize.  In the case of younger children, less is better.  Concentrate on learning only a few verses well.

Use a variety of teaching and learning methods such as singing, saying in different voices, emphasizing a specific word, saying in rhythm, using picture cards, making up motions and using simple rhythm patterns of claps, taps or stomps.