ZAP 'EM - Bible Lesson Review Game

Materials Needed:  Container of some kind labeled “Zap ‘Em”, 3×5 cards, chalk board or white board.

Preparation:  You will need a 3×5 card for each question you plan to ask during the game.  Cards say:  Add 5, Add 10, Add 15, Add 20, Add 25, Deduct 5, Deduct 10, Deduct 15, Deduct 20, Deduct 25.  Then depending on the number of questions you are asking, place two or four “Zap: Deduct 100 points” cards in the container.

Game Play:  Divide your group into two teams. If possible, have another adult besides yourself serve as scorekeeper.  Each team starts with 500 points.  Ask Team A a question.  If it is answered correctly, they receive 100 points and take a card from the container.  They have to follow the directions on the card.  (The card is NOT put back into the container.)  If they do not get the question right, the same question goes to Team B and they have an opportunity to receive the points and pull a card from the container.


"Plagues" (Dancing in Desert album by Mary Rice Hopkins) is the perfect song to go along with your Bible lesson. 

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PICK UP STICKS Bible Memorization Game

Materials Needed:  Craft sticks and markers.

1.  Post the day's Bible verse and have the children say it together five times.
2.  Ask each child to write one word from the verse on each craft stick.  Write the scripture reference on one stick.
3.  Instruct everyone to turn their sticks face down and mix their order.
4.  On "Go," each child turns sticks face up and places them in order.  Read the verse together three times.
5.  Next play "Take Away."  Line up one set of sticks.  Say the verse.  Take one stick away and say the verse.  Continue until all sticks are removed.

Foundational Statistic:  To remember something, it must be repeated 15 times!

HIGH FIVE Bible Verse Memorization Recognition Idea

Materials Needed:  Construction paper, pen to write: "Great job learning your Bible verse! High five!"