Very Big Sports (VBS) Camp

Submitted by Justeen Hill

One year, instead of the usual VBS we introduced Very Big Sports Camp. We rented a junior high for one week which offered a large gym, small gym, tennis courts, track field, swimming pool, soccer field, etc.

The day began with wacky games in the big gym and then the kids were able to sample a sport of their choosing for one hour. The sport was staffed with volunteers from the church. Fun was emphasized rather than drills and skills.

A snack was then served and then on to the gym bleachers for the Bible lesson.

We closed the day with a 15-minute message from a well-known Christian athlete who highlighted the importance of keeping one's Christian integrity and attitude while playing sports.

The event pulled in kids who normally would never have attended a regular VBS.

T-shirts were included in the $25.00 registration fee.