"That's Right!" Bible Verse Review Idea

Needed: A puppet (one can be made from a lunch sack, moveable eyes and yarn for hair); a simple stage which the puppet can hide behind (a large box can be used or a card table turned on it’s side).

Activity: Let the children take turns “teaching” the Bible verse to the puppet. The puppet repeats the verse correctly and then everyone in the class says together: “That’s right!” Boys and girls can take turns both “teaching” the puppet and being the puppeteer.

* * * * * * * *

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Christmas Day Family Worship

Read together the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-11) from The Living Bible, The Message or Contemporary English Version, if possible.

~~ Family Discussion ~~

1. If you could be something or someone in the Christmas story, what or who would that be? Why?

2. How would you have felt if you were one of the following:

a. A shepherd when the angels appeared to you?
b. A wise man seeing Jesus after two years of journey?
c. Mary, the mother of Jesus?
d. The innkeeper after finding who was born in your stable?
e. Joseph, the father of Jesus?

3. If you were one of the wisemen, what would you have brought Jesus?

~~ Possible Projects ~~

1. Select pictures from old magazines that represent something you would like to give each member of your family, if money was no object.

2. If you were a newspaper reporter when Jesus was born, what headline would you have written in the Bethlehem Daily News?

3. On a large sheet of paper, have each family member draw different parts of the Christmas scene, such as: manger, Mary, Joseph, animals, shepherds, and baby Jesus.

~~ Prayer Time ~~

1. Have each family member select a Christmas card, and pray for the sender.

2. Sit in a circle with hands joined and pray for the person on your right.

3. Sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and pray thanking Him for His love.

4. Write a Christmas prayer with everybody in the family contributing one sentence. Read the prayer.

Paralyzed Man Let Down Through Roof Bible Story Art & Craft Project

Scenic Background ~ Art

Needed for Each Child: 1 sheet of light cardboard or heavy construction paper, crayons, glue, sand or oatmeal.

Activity: Fold the paper in half. The top half becomes a backdrop for the craft activity with the children drawing a background scene of trees, bushes, sun, clouds, etc. The bottom half is the ground where the house from the craft activity will sit. Have the boys and girls put glue on this half and then sprinkle with sand or oatmeal.

Playdough House ~ Craft

Needed for Each Child: A chunk of playdough approx. 3” x 1” x 1” in size; 2 drinking straws, scissors.

Activity: The children can create a biblical house from the playdough which has steps on the outside leading to the roof. (If possible, show a picture of a house in New Testament times.) The straws can be cut to fit on the roof for tiles. The houses are then placed on the scenic background the children made during art.

JESUS IS IN HEAVEN - Children's Bible Lesson

BIBLE STORY: “Jesus Tells About Heaven” (based on John 14:1-7; Acts 1:9-11;
1 John 2:28)

Instructions: If your situation allows, have the children walk with you as you tell the story to a predetermined “Mount of Olives” location where they will sit. Explain prior to the story they will be walking quietly as they listen to the story.

Story: Jesus and His disciples were going on a walk. What a great time they were having together! Jesus had risen from the dead. His friends were so excited to be with Him again.

As they walked along together, the disciples asked Jesus questions. There were still many things they did not understand.

“How long are you going to be with us?” they wanted to know.

“Don’t’ be troubled,” Jesus said to his disciples. “Just trust in Me. There are many homes in heaven, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so you can be with Me where I am.”

As they continued walking, Jesus led the disciples along a road that wound around the side of a hill called the Mount of Olives. They climbed until they came to the top. There Jesus stopped. (Ask children to sit.)

Lifting up His hands, Jesus blessed His disciples and then He began rising into the sky and went on to heaven. Up, up, up Jesus went until a big cloud covered Him from sight.

The disciples just stood there staring at the sky. They were hoping to catch one more glimpse of Jesus. As they were straining their eyes for another look, two angels suddenly stood right alongside them.

“Why are you staring up into heaven?” the angels said. “Jesus is coming back again. Don’t you remember what He told you? He’s coming back exactly the same way you just saw Him go.”

Someday Jesus will return to take all those who love Him to live with Him forever in heaven.

PRAYER: “Thank You, Jesus, that you are in heaven preparing a place for everyone who loves and trusts You. Help us to ‘stay in happy fellowship with You so when You come we will be sure all is well’ (1John 2:28, TLB). Amen.”

SONG: “Jesus” by Mary Rice Hopkins from Miracle Mud album.


Preparation: Cut 7 cloud shapes. Number the front sides 1-7. Write the questions on the backs. Attach to blue poster board with tape, numbers facing out.

1. What were Jesus and His disciples doing? (Taking a walk)
2. Where did Jesus take them? (To a hill)
3. What was the name of the hill? (Mount of Olives)
4. What happened on the Mount of Olives? (Jesus rose into heaven)
5. After Jesus went into heaven, who came alongside the disciples? (Two angels)
6. What did the angels say? (Jesus is coming back again)
7. Where is Jesus today? (In heaven)

Activity: Choose children to take down the shapes in order from 1-7. Read the question. On a 3-count, ask the boys and girls to give their answer in unison.

BIBLE VERSE: “Behold, I am coming soon” (Revelation 22:7).

Directions: Cut out 6 cloud shapes from construction paper. On each one write a word from the verse and the reference. Hide around the room.

Activity: Ask the children to raise their hands when they see a piece of the verse. Have one child at a time get a cloud and attach it to the bulletin board in the right order.

MAKE ‘N TAKE CREATIVE ACTIVITY: Jesus Going to Heaven Collage Picture

Needed for Each Child: Construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, scissors, cotton balls, cloth scraps, construction paper scraps.

Activity: The children draw a picture of Jesus going to heaven and turn it into a collage by adding cotton clouds, putting clothes on the people, etc.

Easy Christmas Ornament

This is an easy Christmas ornament which children can make and parents will cherish. Have the boys and girls paint a paper doily and then paste their photo in the center. Help them insert a string for hanging.

Pom-Pom Creations

Every early childhood classroom should have a large container of pom-poms for the children to create with.

In this picture are items which God created: flower, giraffe, snake, lake with fish.

CHRISTMAS NATIVITY CRAFT: Shepherds Watching Sheep

To make shepherds which will stand on their own, attach with tape to a large paper cup. The sheep will stand on their clothespin legs.

The boys and girls can be encouraged to retell the Bible story at home using these visuals.

CRAFT: Baby Jesus in Manger - Nativity

Needed for Each Child: A heavy piece of paper 5” x 81/2”; 2 pieces of white construction paper 21/2“ x 3“ for the ends of the manger; straw (if available) or brown paper which has been shredded or cut into small pieces for hay; scotch tape; crayons; small pieces of material for a blanket.

Activity: Color the manger. Fold the 5” x 81/2” piece into thirds. Tape on the manger sides. Drop in the hay or shredded brown paper. Draw, color and cut out baby Jesus. Wrap the baby in cloth and place it in the manger.

SONG: “Manger of My Heart” by Mary Rice Hopkins from A Very Mary Christmas album.

SURPRISE BOX - Creative Sunday School Lessons

SURPRISE BOXES can be used in so many ways when presenting your Sunday School lesson or for use in review.

As seen in the picture, a lot of time does not need to be spent in creating one. All ages of boys and girls enjoy surprises!

Jonah & Whale Craft Activity

Older boys and girls can draw and cut out the fish. You need two fish which are the same. Glue at the edges (except around the mouth.) The children can draw a figure of Jonah and use it to put in and out of the whale's mouth.

Younger children can decorate a whale (as seen in picture) which you freehanded. Biblical pictures can be found on the internet to represent Jonah.

ONE LEPER SAYS "Thank You" Bible Story Skit

 By Betty Benson Robertson based on Luke 17:11-19

Preparation: Up to 10 bells of any kind for the lepers to ring; 1 eye patch; stick to use as a crutch; 15 copies of the skit. Perhaps older children who can read could present the skit for the younger boys and girls. (If doing a skit is not possible in your situation, the Bible story can easily be adapted for a storytelling presentation.)

Cast of Characters: 10 lepers (If possible, they should all have bells to ring; or at least some. Leper # 6 should have a patch over the eye; if possible, Leper # 7 should have a stick using it as a crutch; Lepers # 9 and 10 should limp); crowd (all remaining students); Jesus (played by an adult); narrator (teacher or another adult).

At Rise: Lepers are on one side of stage; crowd on opposite side.

Bible Story Skit:

Narrator: Lepers were people who had a horrible disease that made sores all over their bodies. Sometimes it crippled them. Sometimes they were blind. But always it made them lonely because leprosy was catching. They always carried bells to ring, warning others to stay away. They couldn't work or live with their families. All the lepers could only stand by the roadside or outside the gates of the city and beg. Then, one day, something happened that changed their lives!

(Lepers ring their bells softly so dialogue can be heard, but the bells ring all the time.)

Leper 1: Did you hear the good news?

Leper 2: What good news?

Leper 3: I haven't heard anything.

Leper 4: Me either.

Leper 1: Jesus is coming to town!

Leper 5: Wow!

Leper 6: Really?! I can't wait to see Him!

Leper 7: We'll never be able to get close enough.

Leper 8: Yeah, you're right.

Leper 9: We can't get near the crowd of people.

Leper 10: No, but we can shout!

Lepers 1,2,3: Jesus, have mercy on us!

(The adult playing the part of Jesus comes down aisle to center of stage while following dialogue takes place.)

Person # 1 in Crowd: Jesus is coming!

Person # 2 in Crowd: Look, there's Jesus with some of His disciples

Person # 3 in Crowd: I see Jesus!

(Crowd whispers "Jesus is coming" to one another.)

Lepers 4,5,6: Jesus, have mercy on us!

Lepers 7,8,9,10: Jesus, have mercy on us!

(Jesus looks at the lepers. Lepers look surprised with eyes wide open - mouths open.)

Leper 1: Jesus is looking at us.

Leper 2: Yeah, I know!

Leper 3: He's looking RIGHT at us!

(Jesus walks up to the lepers.)

Jesus: Go to the temple and show the priests that you are healed.

(Jesus leaves them and heads toward the crowd.)

Leper 4: What?

Leper 5: What does Jesus mean we are healed?

Leper 6: I still have all my sores.

Leper 7: Yeah, me too!

Leper 8: What are we supposed to do?

Leper 9: I don't know.

Leper 10: I think we need to do what Jesus said.

(Lepers leave stage and head down center aisle ringing their bells.)

Leper 1: Wait a minute!

Leper 2: What is it?

Leper 1: My sores are gone!

Leper 3: Mine, too!

Leper 4 (turning to Leper #5): Mine are gone and so are yours!

Leper 5: You're right! Wow!

Leper 6 (taking off eye patch): I can't believe it! I can see!

Leper 7: This is unbelievable! I don't need this crutch anymore.

Leper 8: My skin looks so healthy.

Leper 9: I don't limp anymore!

Leper 10: Jesus has healed us!

(Lepers # 1-9 walk fast and excited. Leper # 10 goes back to where Jesus is.)

Leper 10: Jesus! Thank You! Thank You for healing me!

Jesus: Stand up. Go on your way now. Your faith has made you well. But didn't I heal TEN lepers? Where are the other 9?

Narrator: How has Jesus helped you recently? Have you remembered to thank Him?

NOAH OBEYED GOD - Bible Story & Lesson - Genesis 7-8

Needed for Story: Pictures of axe, hammer, raindrops


When children see AXE picture they say "Chop-chop, chop-chop." When HAMMER picture is shown the boys and girls say: "hammer-hammer, hammer-hammer." At the sight of the RAINDROPS they say: "Pitter-patter, pitter-patter."


Noah and his sons cut down trees. (Show AXE picture.) They cut down MORE trees. (AXE picture). And MORE and MORE trees (AXE picture). They needed to make boards. Lots and lots of boards (AXE picture).

Noah and his sons put the boards together (Show HAMMER). They put more and more boards together (Show HAMMER).

God had asked Noah to build an ark -- a really, really BIG boat. Noah obeyed God. It took a long time to build the ark, the really big boat. (Show HAMMER).

They worked (Show HAMMER) and worked (Show HAMMER) and worked (Show HAMMER).

The ark was going to be SO big that there would be room for two of every kind of animal in the whole world and seven of certain types of animals and all of Noah's family. When everyone was inside the ark, God closed the door.

Listen. I hear something!


For 40 days it rained (Show RAINDROPS). And rained. (Show RAINDROPS). And rained (Show RAINDROPS).
For 40 nights it rained (Show RAINDROPS). And rained (Show RAINDROPS). And rained (Show RAINDROPS.)

When the rain stopped, God placed a rainbow in the sky as a promise that He would never again destroy the whole earth with a flood.

SONG: "Noah" from In the Beginning CD by Mary Rice Hopkins.

BOOK: "Noah" available from Crossway Books (ISBN1-58134-002-8)

BIBLE VERSE: "We must obey God" (Acts 5:29).

Activity to Learn Verse: "Verse Tag"

The teacher tags one child and both quote the verse. The teacher and child tag a third person. All three say the verse. Continue until all in the group have been tagged. (If you have a large group, tag 2 or 3 people at one time.)

CRAFT: Ark with Animals

Needed: One large sheet of construction paper for each child; animal stickers; crayons or washable markers; "Noah Obeyed God, Genesis 7-8" strips, glue.

Activity: Children draw and cut out an ark on large paper. For younger boys and girls, a teacher may need to provide the boat. Each child glues the "Noah Obeyed God, Genesis 7-8" strip to the ark. Children attach animal stickers. Older boys and girls could draw their own animals, if preferred.

Discussion While Children Work: Talk about how Noah was both obedient (as story talks about) and faithful (which book and song highlight) and how they can do both on an everyday basis.

SNACK: If possible, provide a large bag(s) of animal crackers. Dump them out on a tray. Let the children select 6 to eat, 2 of a kind.

A NIGHT WITH THE LIONS - Bible Story & Lesson

BIBLE STORY: "A Night with Lions" (Daniel 6:1-28)

Instructions: Every time the children hear the word "pray" or "prayed", they stand, fold their hands, bow their heads, and then sat back in their seats.

God blessed Daniel. He made Daniel wise. The king of Babylon was a good king and soon put Daniel in charge of the whole kingdom.

The officials of the king became jealous. They tried to find something bad about Daniel. But Daniel was a good man. He always prayed to God. He always obeyed God. The men could not find anything bad.

So the officials got together and said, "We've got to come up with an idea. We've got to find a way to get rid of Daniel because he prays to his God." They thought and thought and thought and finally came up with a plan.

The officials went to the king. "Let's make a new law," they said. "Let's say that for the next thirty days, no one is to pray to any god except you. Anyone who disobeys will be thrown into the lions' den."

That sounded good to the king, so he made a new law. But he had forgotten about Daniel and how he always prayed three times a day to his God.

Daniel heard about the new law. He knew this would be hard, but he was going to do what was right. He went to his window in the morning and prayed to God like he always had. All the people saw Daniel.

At noon, he went to his window and prayed to God like he always had. All the people saw Daniel.

In the evening, he went to his window and prayed to God like he always had. All the people saw Daniel.

The king didn't know what to do. He was so upset. He wanted to get Daniel out of the mess he had gotten him into, but the king knew he couldn't change the law he had just made. He said to Daniel: "Your God, to whom you are so loyal, will get you out of this."

The soldiers grabbed Daniel and put him into the lions' den.

The lions were hungry! The lions got closer and closer to Daniel.

But none of the lions opened their mouths. God had sent an angel to close their mouths, so they could not eat Daniel.

The next morning, the king got up and hurried to the lions' den. As he came near, he called out: "Has your God, whom you serve so loyally, saved you from the lions?"

"Yes, He has!" Daniel replied and he told the king about God sending the angel who shut the lions' mouths.

Daniel had trusted God and God had saved him. God was with Daniel and watched over him. God helped Daniel.

DISCUSSION: Talk with the boys and girls about situations in their lives where God will help them. Discuss how things work together for good if we trust God and always do what is right.

SONG: "All Things Work Together for Good" by Mary Rice Hopkins (from Lighthouse album)


BIBLE VERSE: "I am with you and will watch over you whever you go" (Genesis 28:15).


Younger Children: Use motions when saying the verse, for key words such as "I", "watch", "you" and "go".

Older Children: Print the scripture verse and reference on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Read the verse together. Choose a child to erase one word. Read the verse together again. Choose another child to erase another word and continue until the scripture has been erased and the verse is being said from memory.

CRAFT: Daniel in Lion's Den

Needed: 1 tissue box for each child; construction paper; scissors; glue; crayons.

Activity: Older children can draw their own lions and a picture of Daniel. For younger boys and girls, you may want to provide the pictures. The children can make a den from the tissue box and place the lions and Daniel inside.

PUPPETS WITH A HEART - Creative Way to Teach Children

If you really want to make a difference in teaching and reaching children, use PUPPETS WITH A HEART. Boys and girls are captivated by these unique characters who seem to relate to their everyday problems.

Darcie Maze is the creator of this distinctive line of Puppets With A Heart -- which all have removable hearts which are used for guiding children through the challenges of today's world, including healing broken hearts.

For over 30 years Darcie has captivated the hearts of children and adults with her exceptional gift of puppetry. In addition, she is known nationally for her teacher-training workshops and seminars, crossing many denominational lines.

You can purchase Darcie's lessons or create your own when using the puppets.

In 2003, Darcie teamed with Mary Rice Hopkins who is internationally known for her music ministry to children and families. They have combined their unique gifts to provide exciting family concerts and much-demanded creative teacher-training workshops that are ministering to the church at large.

Their newest release, Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart, is a high-definition DVD with two hours of captivating topics about: choices and character, peer pressure, being yourself, brokenness, serving with our talents and values. Mary and Darcie's desire is to give hope to families that are broken and dealing with tough stuff. There is always something in the puppet's heart to illustrate how they are feeling and the negative is replaced with a Bible verse. Their new DVD has received the Dove Foundation "5-Star Seal of Approval" and "Parent's Choice Award." It is receiving rave reviews, and TV stations across the world are waiting to air their new program.

Currently, TBN is airing segments from the DVD. Brenda Rossman, Children's Program Director for TBN, says the shows are receiving outstanding ratings and in response to the new show she says "Darcie's Puppet's with a Heart are going to give Elmo and Kermit a run for their money. Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppets with a Heart is the Christian version of Sesame Street ."

WOW! WHAT A CATCH! Children's Bible Story Lesson

By Betty Benson Robertson (Based on Luke 5:1-11 )


On a sheet of red construction paper, print "No." On a sheet of green paper print "Yes." Show the words to the boys and girls, reminding them "No" is on red and "Yes" is on green. Tell them during the story you will be asking questions, holding up one of the signs, and they are to say in unison either "yes" or "no."


"I am SO tired!" Peter, one of Jesus' disciples, said wiping his hand across his forehead.

"Me too," James replied.

"What a night. A long night," John said with a sigh.

Peter and his friends had fished and fished and fished. They had worked all night long. Do you think they caught 50 fish? NO!

Do you think they caught 25 fish? NO!

Do you think they caught 12 fish? NO!

Do you think they caught 6 fish? NO!

Do you think they caught 0 fish? YES!

"Let's wash our fishing nets," James said to the other disciples.

"Here, I'll help you spread it out to dry," John replied.

"I am NOT happy that we didn't catch any fish," Peter said.

"Here comes someone," James announced. "I wonder who it is?"

John replied, "It's Jesus!"

Jesus told the disciples to put their boat back into the water, go out to where it was deep, and throw out their nets.

Do you think Peter was happy to hear that? No!

Do you think James was happy to hear that? No!

Do you think John was happy to hear that? No!

Peter said to Jesus, "We already fished all night and didn't catch anything."

"Yeah! Not a thing," James added.

"But If you say so, we'll try it again," Peter responded. Peter knew it was important to obey Jesus.

The disciples got back into their boat, went out to where Jesus told them to, and dropped their net into the water. When they started to bring the net up, there were so many fish the net started to break and the boat filled up. Peter yelled to more of his friends on the shore to bring another boat. They went and both boats had so many fish they began to sink. They had to row back to shore slowly.

Do you think Peter was happy about all the fish they caught? Yes!

Do you think James was happy about all the fish they caught? Yes!

Do you think John was happy about all the fish they caught? Yes!

When Peter got back to land, he fell at Jesus' feet. He and his friends were amazed at what had just happened. He knew only Jesus could have done a miracle like that.

SONG: "Come Meet Jesus" (from Come Meet Jesus CD by Mary Rice Hopkins)


"God helps me." (Psalm 118:7)

To learn the scripture, have the children play "Everyone Who..." The leader says such statements as: "Everyone who is wearing red repeat the verse"; "Everyone who likes pizza..."; "Everyone who has a pet dog or cat at home"; "Everyone who has two eyes", etc.


Supplies Needed: Blue, brown, gray, yellow construction paper; magic markers or crayons; scissors; glue; fish-shaped crackers.

Older children can cut out their own boat, net and sun shapes to glue on the picture. Younger boys and girls can glue on the shapes which an adult has cut. The children draw Peter, James and John in the boat and then glue on the fish crackers.


Children cut out a sail for their boat from construction paper. The Bible verse is taped to the sail. The sail is then taped to the straw. The straw is adhered to the bottom of the plastic container with play dough. Encourage the boys and girls to take the boat home and use as a centerpiece on their kitchen table so they can re-tell the story and verse to their family.


Give each child a small empty bowl. Say: "This is what the disciples' boat looked like after they had fished all night. It was empty! I am now going to fill your bowl with fish crackers. This is how the boat looked after Jesus told them to go back out onto the lake and fish again."


Thank you, Jesus, for providing what we need. Help us to always obey You.


Kids love the country swing of "Walkin' and Singin'" by Mary Rice Hopkins which accompanies these words:  "Well, I was paralyzed from head to toe. I couldn't move, and I couldn't go.  But my friends would not stop 'til they got me to the top..."

The chorus continues with praise from the man whom Jesus healed:  "I'm walkin' and singin', praisin' His name.
Jesus is my Savior and I'll never be the same."

Listen to a song clip HERE.

"Walkin' and Singin'" is from Miracle Mud album which may be ordered HERE.

BABBLING ON - Song to Accompany Tower of Babel Bible Story

Brick by brick stone by stone
They tried to do it all on their own
But God said, “No”
And sent them babbling on.

The tower of Babel was a manmade tower
They tried to build it with manmade power
But God said, “No”
And sent them babbling on.

On their own strength they built it high
To touch the heavens and stars in the sky
But God said, “No”
And sent them babbling on.

Kids love the ragtime feel of this song which is based on Genesis 11:1-9!  The chorus challenges boys and girls to build their lives on God’s plan and follows His ways.

Listen to a song clip HERE.

“Babbling On” is found on In the Beginning album.  Click HERE to order.

Click HERE to Order In the Beginning curriculum (on the book of Genesis).

IN THE BEGINNING - Music to Correlate with Creation Lessons (Genesis)

The album "In The Beginning" has songs which correlate with lessons on creation and other stories in Genesis.


God of Creation
God Knows What's Best
I Can Obey
I Saw Esau
Raising Cain
Oh What A Variety
Babbling On (Tower of Babel)


Kids love the classic rock feel to this song which teaches what God says He will do – His promises are true!  The song begins:
Abraham was a righteous man,
Told by God to leave his homeland.
God said, "Oh, ya gotta go;
Go to Canaan and you will know."
A leap of faith, he kept on track
He obeyed and he didn't look back.

God said, "Take all ya got,"
Even took his nephew, Lot.
Sarah came, his lovely wife;
All he owned, he took that night.
He took his sheep and his cattle, too.
God said, "Abe, I will bless you."

Listen to a song clip HERE.

“Abraham” is from In the Beginning album which can be ordered HERE.