JESUS HEALS A PARALYZED MAN - Drama / Skit - Bible Story

Luke 5:17-26

Man: I have been paralyzed for so long. I can't even sit up or move my legs and arms. I am here day after day after day and wait for my friends to bring my food. Today, I heard some people outside my window talking about Jesus being in Capernaum. When my friends come today, I am going to ask them if they can take me to see Jesus.

Friend # 1: Hi! We've brought you some food.

Man: Thank you!

Friend # 2: Is there anything you need while we're here?

Man: I am thankful for you all. But more than anything else, I want to care for myself. I have heard Jesus is in Capernaum. Do you think He could help me?

Friend # 3: Actually, we also heard about Jesus and we've been talking. We have a plan.

Friend # 4: We want to take you to see Jesus.

Man: You know I can't even walk one step...

Friend # 1: We are going to carry you on your bed!

Teacher: Each of the four friends took a corner of the mat on which the man lay and carefully carried him out of the house. Very slowly they walked through the narrow streets until they came to the house where Jesus was. There was a great crowd of people in the house and all around

Friend # 2: What are we going to do?

Friend # 3: There is not enough room for us to squeeze through the crowd.

Friend # 4: Perhaps if we wait until the crowd leaves, we can see Jesus.

Friend # 1: That will be very late. Our friend is not well enough to stay out here until evening.

Friend # 2: I have an idea! Let's carry him up the outside stairs to the roof. Then we can open up the roof and see Jesus.

Teacher: The four men carried their friend up the stairs to the roof. Carefully they made a hole in the roof and laid aside the pieces of tile so that the roof could be replaced later. They tied ropes to the corner of the mat and slowly let the man down, down, down, right in front of Jesus. How surprised the people in the house were to see a man coming down through the roof on his bed mat! But Jesus was not surprised! He looked up at the four men on the roof and then at the man on the floor. He could see that the four men had faith to believe He would help their friend. Then He said to the man, "Your sins are forgiven. Get up, take your mat, and go home." The man jumped to his feet. He rolled up his mat and started to walk to the door. The surprised people stood back to make room for him.

Man: Jesus has forgiven my sins and He has made me well!