Teaching children to pray is not so much "how" to pray, but "what" to pray for. Provide children with ideas of things for which they can pray for on a regular basis, such as the following:

Church Members

Make a list of people in your church who are homebound, ill, or bereaved. After praying for these individuals in your class, let the children make cards that might say: “We prayed for you in our class today.”

Class Members

Focus on the everyday concerns of the children in your class. What are their burdens? What are their worries? What are their fears? What are their concerns? What are problems? What are their needs? If your class is not used to sharing their feelings, use feeling cards. Draw large faces
and give one a smile; another a frown; another a puzzled look; etc. Ask which face they feel like and why. This often promotes conversation that leads to prayer.

News Items

Make children aware of news stories that touch the heart. Some of these may have happened in your community, while others will be events that have been reported on television. Praying for these situations will also turn children’s feelings of helplessness about what is happening in the world toward God.

Our Country

Monday: President - difficult decisions he makes on a daily basis.

Tuesday: President's staff - they will give godly advice and wisdom.

Wednesday: Senators and Congressmen - guidance in making laws

Thursday: Policemen, firemen, and rescue workers - safety and protection

Friday: Military - safety, wisdom in decision making, courage