JESUS CALMS THE STORM - Interactive Bible Story

Luke 8:22-25

Instructions: After you tell this story, have the children act it.

First of all, ask such questions as: Has anyone ever been in a boat on a lake? How did you like it? Have any of you ever been in a boat on a lake and a storm came up, like what we heard about in the story? How did you feel? When the disciples first got into the boat, what are some things you think they might have been talking to each other about? When the storm first started, how do you think they felt? When it got really bad, how do you think they felt? Decide where in your classroom the boat is going to be. Have an adult play the part of Jesus.

Have 12 of the children get into the boat with Jesus and begin talking. And then they need to talk about how they feel about the storm.

The boys and girls who are not in the boat can make wind sounds and thunder sounds. Have someone turn on and off the lights for the lightening.

Assign one child to wake Jesus up. After Jesus has stood and said, "Peace, be still" ask the children in the boat how they feel at that moment and why.

Let’s go to the other side of the lake so we can rest,” Jesus said to his disciples after He had been teaching all day.

That’s a great idea!” one of the disciples said.

Really! I’m tired,” another responded.

Come help me get the boat,” someone called.

Jesus and the disciples climbed into the boat and soon were headed toward the other side of the Sea of Galilee.

I’m really tired,” Jesus said. “I’m going to the back of the boat and lay down.

Before long He was fast asleep.

The disciples noticed the weather was changing. “The wind sure is getting stronger,” one of them said.

Suddenly, they were in a terrible storm. The wind blew harder and harder. The waves grew higher and higher. The boat rocked and pitched in the waves.

The disciples were worried. “Storms like this don’t usually come at night,” one of them said.

In all the times we’ve fished at night, we’ve never been in a storm like this,” another disciple added.

The lightning flashed. The thunder roared. The waves got higher and higher. So much water splashed into the boat it looked as if it would sink.

Where’s Jesus?” one of the disciples yelled above the noise of the storm. “Maybe He can do something.”

He’s still asleep,” another answered.

Well, go wake Him up! We’re going to drown!”

When Jesus sat up, He saw the dark clouds and lightning. He heard the thunder. He felt the boat rocking, and He saw how afraid His disciples were. Then Jesus stood up and spoke to the wind and the waves, Be still,” He said.

Immediately, the wind stopped blowing. All the dark clouds disappeared. The sea became quiet and still again.

Jesus looked at His friend. “Why were you so afraid?” He asked them. “Didn’t you know I would take care of you?”

The disciples talked among themselves. “Who is this Man?” they asked each other. “Even the winds and the waves obey Him. He must be the Son of God.”

Follow-Up Questions Which Can Be Used With A Review Game:

1. Jesus had been teaching all day and was tired. Where did He want to go? (To the other side of the lake)
2. What was the name of the lake? (Sea of Galilee)
3. When Jesus got into the boat, what did He do? (Went to sleep)
4. What happened after Jesus went to sleep? (Bad storm came up)
5. How do you think the disciples felt when the storm suddenly came? (various answers)
6. What was Jesus doing during the storm? (Sleeping)
7. What did the disciples say to Jesus when they woke Him up? (Don’t you care that we’re about to drown?)
8. What did Jesus do? (Told the wind and waves to be still)
9. What did the wind and waves do when Jesus spoke to them? (Quieted down)
10. Who is Jesus? (Son of God)
11. When we are worried or afraid, what should we do? (Talk to Jesus and ask Him to help us)