WELCOME BACK - Interactive Bible Story (Prodigal Son)

Written by Betty B. Robertson

Luke 15:10-24

Instructions: When the children hear the word "father" in the story, they say "I love you, son." When they hear the word "pigs", they oink. When the word "money" is said, they respond "Cha-ching".

The story is told in the first person. A biblical puppet could be used, a male adult could wear a biblical costume, or it could be videotaped ahead of time.

Hi! Have you ever thought about running away from home? I have. In fact, one day I decided that I wanted to live where I wanted to. I wanted to do what I wanted. So, I went to my father. I told my father I wanted the share of money I would get when he died. But I wanted the money now. I didn't want to wait for the money any longer.

It hurt my father's feelings. But my father divided his money and gave me my part of the money.

It was a lot of money! Was I ever excited to have all this money! I had enough money now to move to another country and live how I wanted to. So, that's what I did. I packed up my stuff, got the money, and took off.

The place I moved to was great. It was a lot of fun being on my own with all that money. But, the fun didn't last long. I spent all my money pretty fast. Soon there was a drought in the land. The land dried up. Food got scarce and expensive, too. No one had any extra food to give me, and I didn't have any money to buy food. So, me, a city kid, had to get a job feeding pigs.

Well, I don't have to tell you, feeding those pigs was a tough job. I still didn't have enough food, though. I was so hungry I would have eaten what the pigs were eating if I could.

As I was out there with those pigs, I began to think of home. I thought about my father and my brother. Then, I thought about my father's servants. All of them had plenty of food, yet I'm here starving to death feeding pigs. That made me realize how unwise I had been to leave my father.

I decided then to leave my job feeding the pigs and go back to my father. I wanted to ask my father to forgive me. After what I had done, I thought I wasn't good enough to be his son. I decided to ask my father to take me back as one of his servants.

All the way back home I practiced what to say: "I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired men" (Luke 15:18-19). I hoped that my father would forgive me and take me back.

As I got close enough to my home to see it, I saw someone standing in front of the house and looking in my direction. As I got closer, the person started to run to me. Suddenly, I realized it was my father. My father was running to me with arms open wide. When my father got to me, he threw his arms around me and hugged me tight. I started to say my little speech. I don't think my father even heard what I said. Immediately, he called for his servants to bring sandals for my feet, a ring for my finger, and the best clothes. My father said, "Let's have a feast and celebrate. My son was gone, but now he is here. He was lost, but now he is found."

I couldn't believe after what I had done to my father that he still loved me so much. It was a joyful feeling to know my father loved me enough to forgive me.