JESUS CALLS HIS DISCIPLES - Interactive Bible Story

John 1:36-50

Assign Parts: Narrator # 1, Narrator # 2, Narrator # 3, John the Baptist, Andrew, Peter, Philip, Nathanael, person in crowd, shopkeeper, boy.

John the Baptist: Look! There is the Lamb of God!

Andrew: What did John just say?

Person in Crowd: He said that Man over there is the Lamb of God.

Andrew: Let's go over closer.

Person in Crowd: Okay.

Narrator # 1: The two men walked along with Jesus and spent the rest of the day with Him. When they left, they were convinced that He was the Messiah.

Andrew: I am so excited that I have found the Messiah! I can't wait to
find my brother, Peter. Peter! Peter! I've got some wonderful news!

Peter: Where have you been? I needed help fixing this net.

Andrew: Oh, Peter! Just wait unto you hear what I have to tell you.

Peter: Well, help me with this net while you talk. Now, what is so exciting?

Andrew: I have found the Messiah! You must come with me to meet Him!

Peter: Andrew, we must clean these nets before tonight.

Andrew: Peter, please. Just come with me to see Jesus.

Narrator # 2: So Peter went with Andrew. When he met Jesus, Peter saw something very special about this Man. He was different from anyone Peter had ever met before. So he decided to leave his nets and fishing boat and follow Jesus.

Narrator # 3: The next day as Jesus walked toward Galilee, He saw Philip. When He called to him, "Follow Me," Philip accepted the invitation. Before the day was over, he too had decided to become a disciple of

Philip: I can't wait to find my friend Nathanael. I want him to meet Jesus. Have you seen Nathanael?

Shopkeeper: No, not today. I'm sorry.

Philip: Have you seen Nathanael?

Boy (out of breath): Yes, I just passed him up on the road as I was running by.

Philip: Nathanael! Resting under a fig tree, huh? I've been looking all over for you.

Nathanael: It's good to see you! Why have you been looking for me?

Philip: Nathanael, I have found the Messiah . . . the very person Moses and the prophets told about! is name is Jesus, the Son of Joseph from Nazareth!

Nathanael: Nazareth is a small town. I've never heard of this man. I know everyone who lives here.

Philip: Please, Nathanael, come and see for yourself.

Narrator # 1: Nathanael got up and went with Philip. When they came near, Jesus said, "Here comes an honest man, a true son of Israel.

Nathanael: How do you know what I'm like?

Narrator # 2: Jesus replied, "I could see you under the fig tree before Philip found you.

Nathanael: Sir, you are the Son of God, the King of Israel. I am going to follow you.

Narrator # 3: As these men walked with Jesus, they learned about His love. The disciples shared that love with everyone they met.