IDEA FROM: Sharlene Pritchett Wade (Solutions Unlimited)

When crafts are used in children's ministry, I try to be sure they will have a lasting impact.

Recently, I took the concept of the HisStory bracelets, wrote a rhyming verse and then selected beads to go with each CAPITALIZED word.

The children made bracelets on stretchy cording.

Challenge your children with incentives to memorize the poem.

This craft becomes a tool children can use in sharing their faith with friends, as they follow the bracelet bead by bead.

It also serves as a constant reminder of what Jesus has done for them.

A holy STAR shone in the sky so bright
To lead 3 WISE MEN to a marvelous sight
A babe in a manger, JESUS there laid
A boy then a man, a CARPENTER by trade.
Spreading GOD’S WORD, the people He fed.
‘Til one BLACK day on a CROSS He was hung,
His BLOOD shed for us, God’s will it was done.
To save us He died, now in HEAVEN He lives,
Our HEARTS to indwell, eternal life He gives.

(Poem copyrighted by Sharlene Pritchett Wade; may be reproduced for local church use only.)

Find beads to represent each of the items in bold. Here's what I used:

Star -- bead that had a star on it.
Wise Men -- 3 different, yet similar beads rather earthy-looking to depict the wise men.
Baby Jesus -- an oblong clear, crystal looking bead
Jesus as carpenter -- wooden cylinder looking bead
Jesus, Fisher of men -- glass fish bead
Disciples -- 12 jump rings
God's Word -- shiny gold bead
Black day -- square black bead
Cross - colored cross bead with rhinestones embedded
Blood - red bead
Save us -- crystal bead to reflect Salvation
Heaven - beautiful gold speckled bead
Heart -- heart-shaped bead


Read together the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-11)
from The Living Bible, The Message or Contemporary English Version, if possible.

~~ Family Discussion ~~

1. If you could be something or someone in the Christmas story, what or who would
that be? Why?

2. How would you have felt if you were one of the following:
a. A shepherd when the angels appeared to you?
b. A wise man seeing Jesus after two years of journey?
c. Mary, the mother of Jesus?
d. The innkeeper after finding who was born in your stable?
e. Joseph, the father of Jesus?

3. If you were one of the wise men, what would you have brought Jesus?

~~ Possible Projects ~~

1. Select pictures from old magazines that represent something you would like to give
each member of your family, if money was no object.

2. If you were a newspaper reporter when Jesus was born, what headline would you
have written in the Bethlehem Daily News?

3. On a large sheet of paper, have each family member draw different parts of the
Christmas scene, such as: manger, Mary, Joseph, animals, shepherds, and baby

~~ Prayer Time ~~

1. Have each family member select a Christmas card, and pray for the sender.

2. Sit in a circle with hands joined and pray for the person on your right.

3. Sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and pray thanking Him for His love.

4. Write a Christmas prayer with everybody in the family contributing one sentence.
Read the prayer.


By sharing these ideas, I hope to jump-start your thinking and fuel your creativity!

Let your imagination explode as you read, so the creative teaching reservoir within you can be tapped.

Think how to implement these ideas into your unique ministry situation.

New ideas will be added on a regular basis.