Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:21-43; Luke 8:40-56

Instructions: As a teacher is presenting the story, have an adult leader up front to do the motions which go with the story. Tell the children that during the story, they are to play "Follow the Leader." The children work in their own personal space, which means they do not move but only do the actions.

Jairus left his house, closing the front door behind him. He started walking. He walked faster and faster and faster. "I must find Jesus," he thought as he kept walking. He walked and walked and walked because he HAD to find Jesus. His little girl was really sick and if he didn't hurry she would die.

He walked and walked and walked until finally, he saw a huge crowd of people up ahead which meant Jesus was there! Jairus started running. He started breathing heavily. He kept running and breathing heavily until he was on the edge of the crowd. He started tapping people on their shoulders and saying, "Excuse me." He would turn sideways and wedge his way between people. Sometimes he would use his elbow to tap someone to move.

Finally, he was in front of Jesus. Immediately, he got on his knees at Jesus' feet. He looked up into Jesus' eyes and with his hands folded to plead he said: "My daughter is so sick I think she will die. Please come and place your hands on her and make her well."

Jesus nodded his head up and down and replied, "Yes, I will go with you."

Jairus smiled. He stood up and began to lead the way to his home. He started walking, but there were so many people that they could not hurry like he wanted. He started frowning. He shook his head from side and side and thought, "If we don't hurry my little girl will die."

People kept stopping Jesus. Some wanted to talk to Him. Others just touched His robe.

Then Jairus sadly put his head in both of his hands. He saw in the distance a messenger from his
house and he knew it was too late.

He touched Jesus on the arm and said, "Never mind. My daughter has already died. You don't need to come home with me."

Jesus, in turn, gently touched Jairus on the arm and replied: "Don't be afraid. Just trust Me."

Jesus put up his hand, stopping the crowd. He pointed to Peter and said, "Come with me." He pointed to James and said, "Come with me." He pointed to John and said, "Come with me."

They walked and walked and walked. They walked and walked and walked. They kept walking until they came to Jairus' home. Jairus opened the front door. People inside had their heads in their hands, crying.

Jesus raised his hand and said, "Why are you all crying? The child is not dead; she is only asleep!"

They laughed at Him. Jesus waved his hand toward the door and said, "I want everyone except the little girl's mother, father and my three disciples to leave."

Jesus pointed with his finger, motioning for the Jairus to follow Him. Jesus pointed with His finger, motioning for the little girl's mother to follow Him. Jesus pointed with His finger, motioning His disciples to follow Him. They all walked into the little girl's room. Jesus leaned down over the girl. Jesus held the little girl's hand, and said to her: "Get up!"

Jairus took a deep breath. The little girl's mother took a deep breath. They looked at the little girl.

The girl opened her eyes wide. She looked at her father. She looked at her mother. She looked at Jesus. Then she jumped out of bed. She walked around her room!

Her mother clapped her hands together and jumped up and down with joy! Jairus, her father, gave a big hug to Jesus. He was so thankful Jesus, the Son of God, had raised his little girl from the dead.