Submitted by Barb Patton

Everything had a puzzle theme.

I gave each teacher a small potted flower with a wooden pick in it.

At the top of the pick was an actual wooden piece of a puzzle that had their name painted on it.

I contacted local merchants and had almost 30 gift certificates donated.

I then cut paper into puzzle shapes, numbered each one with a number between 1-29.

Each teacher selected a puzzle piece out of a basket. I then numbered all the certificates 1-29, and gave them to the corresponding teacher. This was really fun as I announced what the certificate was for and then called the numbers. Everyone was in anticipation.

For the invitations to them prior to the luncheon, I typed them out on the computer and then cut them into puzzle shaped pieces. They had to put the puzzle together to read the invitation.

The kids spelled out "teacher" on large sheets of poster board. I had them do a little poem "T" is for the Time you gave. Each letter had an important trait the teachers displayed.