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Christmas Family Devotions is child-centered, making Christmas meaningful for families with young children.

Featuring music by Mary Rice Hopkins, these fun devotionals will help keep Christ in focus the week prior to Christmas. The lessons are also appropriate for use at churches and Christian schools.

Titles are: God’s Gift of Love, An Earthshaking Announcement, No Place to Stay, The Newborn King, Shepherds Hear Amazing News and Celebrating Jesus’ Birth. Also included in this resource are ideas for making Christmas day family worship memorable.

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Mary Christmas CD Packed with 13 fresh, new songs to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

A Very Mary Christmas CD – 16 songs which bring the Christmas story alive for children!

Unwrap the Gift DVD Mary and Darcie teach the importance of giving to those in need. Partnering with Operation Christmas Child, the puppets and children learn to make a shoe box that will bring hope to children all over the world. 16 songs are included on the DVD!

Christmas Memories DVD Be entertained and inspired as you see the Christmas story unfold in a musical full of fun, laughter, and songs with movement and easy-to-learn hand motions. The 11 songs on this DVD can be used both at church and home.

Mary Christmas SongbookSheet music for the original songs on Mary Christmas album.

A Very Mary Christmas Songbook – Music for the songs on A Very Mary Christmas album.



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These downloadable lessons are perfect to learn about Moses in a basket, the people he led, the plagues, the grumbling and how God kept His promises, the Ten Commandments given to Moses, the wandering and finally the victory with the story of Rahab and Joshua.

Each lesson from Dancing in the Desert interactive curriculum includes crafts, games, snacks, story time, simple prayers, object lessons, lyrics, special activities, and Bible applications.

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Materials Needed: A large gift bag with NOTHING in it.
What do you see here? (Gift bag) How do you feel inside when you see that bag? (Happy, excited)
Why? (Because it might be for you; there might be a surprise inside) What do you think might be in a bag of this size?
I would like for (name a child) to come and peek in the bag and tell everyone what is inside. (Nothing)
Are you SURE there is nothing in the bag. Check one more time. (Nothing)
(Shake the bag upside down to show the children it is empty.)
How many of you have ever received a birthday gift and were so excited to open it, but when you did there was nothing in it? How would you feel inside if that ever happened? (Sad and confused as to why someone would give an empty gift)
The Bible tells us of two ladies who went to see where they had put Jesus after He had been crucified, only to find the tomb was EMPTY — totally EMPTY! It was a day that would change everyone’s lives forever.
From Sing Through the Year interactive curriculum (13 holiday lessons and songs)


Covering events which happened the week leading up to Easter in a child-sensitive manner, Easter Week Adventure devotions are interactive and feature music by Mary Rice Hopkins.

The devotionals are suitable for home, church and school (ages 4-10) and will help to keep Easter all about Jesus.  Timeless truths are presented in an engaging way.

You will receive: Downloadable devotions and MP3 music for each of the songs:  Called on Jesus, Palm Sunday Celebration, Wanna Say Thank You, All Things Work Together, God's Not Finished, Talk to You, The Best Gift, and Rolled 'Em Away

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 Product Reviews

The Easter Week Adventure Family Devotion sets the stage for the whole family to engage in the telling of Jesus' passion. This fun and lively interaction of song and storytelling grabs the attention of the very young. However, the thought provoking questions lead the older members to an inner reflection of their personal beliefs.  As a grandparent I am thrilled to be able to share this with my own grandchildren as we celebrate the passion of Christ.  This devotion is something that can be brought out each year as a family tradition as we remember Easter Week together.
  (Jan Wilkinson, Virginia)

Mary Rice Hopkins has done it again!  Easter  Week Adventure is a complete way to share Easter both at home and church.  Love all the activities!  The "Cross with One Tear" is great for this series of lessons, but what a tool for so many other uses, too! 
 (Lana Young, Missouri)
"I am SO impressed with how creative and interactive these devotionals are! Will be using them not only for family time, but the possibilities are endless for also using them for Sunday school and mid-week children's programming.  Thank you for this resource!"
(D. Robinson, Oklahoma)


Today’s children live busy lives involving school, homework, sports team practices, music and dance lessons, church activities, iPod games, and television. They need to learn how to take time to “be still and know that He is God” (Ps 46:10a).
Making prayer a priority in your classroom is crucial because prayer habits which last a lifetime are formed in childhood. The more children pray, the easier it is for them to pray and the more they will learn about prayer. Prayer is the one thing a child can do that will have great impact on the extending of God’s kingdom, no matter what other skills and talents he may have.
Children need to know at least three things about prayer:
1. Prayer is talking to God in an ordinary manner from the depth of your heart. You can tell God exactly how you feel. You can ask Him your questions; share troubles and concerns; tell Him you’re angry, happy, sad. Prayer about feelings helps children develop a conversational relationship with God and they will come to know what it means to walk with Him and talk with Him on a daily basis. Nothing is too small for prayer. Prayer is not just for the big moments of life. God is in every detail and every minutes.
2. God is always listening. The only comment which needs to be made after a child prays is: “God listens when we pray.” Pointing out answers to prayer helps to affirm God listens.
3. You can pray anytime, anywhere. Prayers don’t need to be postponed until the next trip to church. You don’t even have to wait until you say your prayers before going to sleep at night. You can pray as the need occurs.


Needed for Each Child: One piece white construction paper, gray crayon, glue, and word strip which says: “God is all powerful.”

Activity: Fold the paper in half lengthwise. On the top side, the boys and girls draw the Jericho wall. The children can then decorate the word strip and glue to the bottom half of the paper. Fold so the wall is standing.

JESUS IS ALIVE! Easter Mini-Musical Program

New Release! Jesus is Alive is an easy yet powerful mini-musical Easter presentation, approx. 15 minutes in length. Easy to perform with simple narration! Flexible cast of characters.

Synopsis: A group of biblical children are talking about how sad they feel since Jesus died, but also sharing how Jesus changed lives of people they knew, when the news comes that He is alive!

You will receive: Downloadable script with permission to reproduce copies; production notes; tips for a hassle-free children’s musical program; sheet music for the songs; and MP3 stereo and accompaniment tracks downloaded.   

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Music is soothing to babies and the effect of music on children is awesome! Sleep Little One is perfect for new moms, moms to be, baby gifts, the church nursery, or just for quiet times at home!
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Are you always rummaging through your music looking for seasonal and holidays songs? 

Your search is over with these 15 great songs which include: Best Story of All (Christmas), Pumpkin Patch (Harvest), Seasons Come and Go (All), My Valentine (Valentine's Day), Why Do Ya Worry (April 15), Patriotic Medley (4th of July in USA/President's Day), Palm Sunday Celebration (Easter/Palm Sunday), Easter Rise Up (Easter), Teacher Thank You (Teacher Appreciation), It Is Good (Thanksgiving), Wanna Say Thank You (Thanksgiving), Moms Are Made That Way (Mother's Day), A Dad Like You (Father's Day), Gramma's House (Grandparents' Day), and Training Wheels (Father's Day).

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You'll also want to check out Sing through the Year curriculum which provides lessons for each song, designed for active learners with catchy attention grabbers as lesson starters. These lessons are Bible-based, child-oriented and teacher-friendly. Songs reinforce the lessons and keep the children singing the truths long after the lesson is over. Target age is Pre-k through early elementary.

Mary Rice Hopkins Music and Curriculum

Mary Rice Hopkins music and curriculum can help you achieve your ministry goals of impacting the hearts of children and building godly character in their lives.