Nothing helps the children under your ministry as much as your prayers. Think about it! It's your time with God in prayer for each child that allows Him to guide you in ministering to their daily and immediate needs. He knows exactly what is going on in their homes, schools, neighborhoods, etc., so cover each of them with your prayers.

Create a prayer photo journal of the children. Obtain permission from parents to take pictures.

During your devotional and prayer times, pull out the album, and pray over several of the children individually. By spreading the children out over the entire week or month, you'll be easily able to pray for all of them.

Plus, imagine how they will feel knowing that you spend time each week praying specifically for them.

Other options -- For the small group, you may want to use a digital camera and put the kids
pictures onto your computer's wallpaper or screensaver. For the extra large group, consider recruiting some of your senior citizens to join you in being prayer warriors for your kids. Divide the pictures up into several albums, labeling the pictures with the child's name, and give an
album to each of your partner prayer warriors.