15 Singable Songs by Mary Rice Hopkins

A teacher is using the ideas in 15 Singable Songs curriculum! The children pictured are singing a fun song called "Hip Hip Hooray (Hippopotamus)" which teaches children that God is the creator of the universe.

Curriculum with CD available here.

"Fear Not" - Mary Rice Hopkins

"Rockin 10" - Ten Commandments Song by Mary Rice Hopkins

"Books of the Bible" Song by Mary Rice Hopkins

Ten Commandments Song by Mary Rice Hopkins

Jesus Quiets the Storm - Story in a Box Idea

Adam and Eve Song

Romans 12:9 Bible Verse Song

Psalm 56:3 Bible Verse Song

Genesis 1:1 Bible Verse Song

Hebrews 13:5 Bible Verse Song

Rahab Hides the Spies Bible Craft Activity

God Shows His Power Bible Story - Exodus 7-12

Candy Cane Song - Written by Mary Rice Hopkins

Armor of God Song (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Moms Are Made That Way - Song Written by Mary Rice Hopkins

Children's Christmas Mini-Musical -- The Best Gift of All

52 Scriptures for Kids Which Teach Values

Fun Water Game for Kids - VBS or Summer Camp

It Is Good - Thanksgiving Song Written by Mary Rice Hopkins

Wanna Say Thank You - Thanksgiving Song Written by Mary Rice Hopkins

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Children's Curriculum to Help Them Grow in Their Walk with Jesus

"A Wise Teacher Makes Learning a Joy"

To VBS Directors

Teacher Appreciation Song: "Hugs are Free" by Mary Rice Hopkins

Mary Rice Hopkins Resouces for Your Children's Ministry - Music and Curriculum

Importance of Repetition

Children's Ministry Recruitment

Song to Accompany Moses & Plagues Bible Story

Oodles of Ideas for Children's Ministry

Mother's Day Special!

Character Development Curriculum with Fun Animals Songs

Curriculum to Help Kids Gain Deeper Understanding of Jesus" Miracles

New Mini-Musicals for Church or School

The Key to Memorization Is Repetition

Mary Rice Hopkins Music, Curriculum, Resource and Ideas for Your Ministry!

New Christmas Song for Kids: Joseph and Mary Blues by Mary Rice Hopkins

Learning by Dong

A Challenge to Children's Sunday School Teachers

Ideas for Your Children's Ministry

Good Song for Kids Who Are Hurting

Lessons on the Life of Moses

Bible Story Telling Tips

Song About Baby Moses

Animal Alphabet

Animal Aerobics

Mary Rice Hopkins Curriculum with Music

Deal of the Day

Song About Blind Bartimaeus

Looking for Music to Accompany Noah Bible Story?

"Abraham" Song


Materials needed:  A pot saucer, small terracotta pot, 1 large rock, 2 sticks, craft wire, potting soil, 1 bag small rocks, and dried sheet moss.

COME MEET JESUS - Easter Songs by Mary Rice Hopkins

One of the most important responsibilities parents and teachers have is teaching their kids about Jesus. Come Meet Jesus will ignite a child's love as Easter and the life of Christ are celebrated through 16 meaningful songs.

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The eleven If I Knew How to Moo lessons engage children ages 4-7 in activities which build character qualities in their lives: acceptance, respect, creativity, caring, compassion, attentiveness, friendliness, kindness, helpfulness, cooperation, determination, confidence, capable, cheerfulness, active.   

The curriculum includes easy-to-follow lesson formats, creative ideas, options for enriching activities and fun animal songs. Each lesson has a welcoming opener, song, circle time learning, movement, creative arts ideas, extended activities and piano accompaniment music.  

If I Knew How to Moo curriculum provides the teacher with meaningful learning experience resources and eliminates time-consuming lesson planning.  The lessons can be used for schools, church and/or home use. 

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