JESUS IS ALIVE! Easter Mini-Musical Program

New Release! Jesus is Alive is an easy yet powerful mini-musical Easter presentation, approx. 15 minutes in length. Easy to perform with simple narration! Flexible cast of characters.

Synopsis: A group of biblical children are talking about how sad they feel since Jesus died, but also sharing how Jesus changed lives of people they knew, when the news comes that He is alive!

You will receive: Downloadable script with permission to reproduce copies; production notes; tips for a hassle-free children’s musical program; sheet music for the songs; and MP3 stereo and accompaniment tracks downloaded.   

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Music is soothing to babies and the effect of music on children is awesome! Sleep Little One is perfect for new moms, moms to be, baby gifts, the church nursery, or just for quiet times at home!
When ordering 10 or more of this item, you can receive a 50% discount! Available on phone orders only: 818-790-5805.  To listen to song clips from this album, click HERE.

Carol Henry says: "We make gift bags for new moms which are taken to the hospital or home after a baby is born or adopted. This has been a cute baby gift bag, but we are thinking of something more permanent which the mom could use in the nursery like a white basket, galvanized “bucket” or clear paint can. We order Sleep Little One lullaby CD’s and receive a 50% discount because we purchase them via phone in quantity. We also include a baby/ toddler Bible, a parenting book, a diaper bag tag from our church, and a brochure with information about our nursery policies. It is my dream to also put in a handmade baby blanket (crochet, knit) from someone in our church. If we had tons of money, we would also include a gift certificate for a massage for mom!"


Are you always rummaging through your music looking for seasonal and holidays songs? 

Your search is over with these 15 great songs which include: Best Story of All (Christmas), Pumpkin Patch (Harvest), Seasons Come and Go (All), My Valentine (Valentine's Day), Why Do Ya Worry (April 15), Patriotic Medley (4th of July in USA/President's Day), Palm Sunday Celebration (Easter/Palm Sunday), Easter Rise Up (Easter), Teacher Thank You (Teacher Appreciation), It Is Good (Thanksgiving), Wanna Say Thank You (Thanksgiving), Moms Are Made That Way (Mother's Day), A Dad Like You (Father's Day), Gramma's House (Grandparents' Day), and Training Wheels (Father's Day).

Sing Through the Year retails for $15.00.  Buy now for the sale price of $13.00!  Click HERE.

You'll also want to check out Sing through the Year curriculum which provides lessons for each song, designed for active learners with catchy attention grabbers as lesson starters. These lessons are Bible-based, child-oriented and teacher-friendly. Songs reinforce the lessons and keep the children singing the truths long after the lesson is over. Target age is Pre-k through early elementary.

Mary Rice Hopkins Music and Curriculum

Mary Rice Hopkins music and curriculum can help you achieve your ministry goals of impacting the hearts of children and building godly character in their lives.