THANKS FOR PLANTING SEEDS - Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Idea

Submitted by Barb Patton

We decorated with a gardening theme. The kids presented the teachers with a pair of gloves, little garden shovel, packet of seeds, and watering can magnet. We did a children's sermon by actually planting a few seeds and discussing how the teachers take the kids as babies in the nursery, nurture them and help them grow. We then had a small plant and continued the story that as the kids grew a little older, the teachers continued helping them grow by planting Bible stories and important Scripture in them, and finished with a large plant that represented them as they were 6th Graders moving onto Youth. Their growing had come along way with the love and guidance of many people, but that they would continue to need more love and guidance as they continued to grow into adults. We talked about the one constant thing they always had as they grew in different stages was God's grace, love, etc. For decorations, I made a poster with a large flower. The teacher's name was on the center and each child's name in their class was on each petal. This looked really nice when they were all displayed.