Each year the children's Sunday School teachers can organize a Christmas store for boys and Girls. Often children do not have enough money to buy new presents to give to others.

In the fall, publish the following poem, written by Marie Lowry, in your church newsletter and
post it on bulletin boards:

Finding things you need no more?
Bring them in for the Christmas Store.
In December, our children will shop with glee,
For the "price is right," our gifts are free!

Their shopping is done with "play" money that's earned
For friends they invite and scripture they've learned.
Would Mom like a picture? Would Dad like this book?
I need something for brother, please help me look.

Then there's wrapping, taping, and tying with bows,
And hearts filled with joy as the day comes to a close.
They shout "Merry Christmas" and "Thanks!" as they climb on the bus.
Let's do it again! They're depending on us.

Items which are donated are sorted, cleaned, and priced. Gifts such as Bibles, bookmarks, religious books, and religious posters are also made available, often purchased on sale by church members.

The day the store is open, the children bring the "money" they have earned over the past months. When all items are sold or all money is spent, the remainder of the time is spent wrapping packages and making name tags.