YOUR S.S. ROOM - Does It Say Come In?


1. Decorations on door

2. Walls painted with colors carefully chosen to be a supportive element in the eaching/learning environment.

a. Bright color stimulate and excite - best for small areas

b. Pale yellow and white look well on large wall areas with northern window exposure or rooms without much natural light.

c. Soft blues and soft greens create a feeling of coolness - good choice for rooms having southern and western window exposure or rooms where natural lighting is adequate.

3. Well-lighted. Natural lighting preferred, but adequate lighting at least provides a much warmer, more cheerful space. Wattage may need to be increased to provide adequate light for activities. Check with the maintenance personnel in your church to see if you can put in higher wattage. Another way to get light into a classroom is to install white window shades.

4. Bulletin boards attractive.

a. Should be used as a tool to motivate, teach, and enrich the lesson.

b. Whenever possible, let the children be involved in the construction of the board and in the lesson it's designed to teach.

c. Covered with fabric

d. Pictures mounted on brightly colored paper or wall paper

e. Changed frequently. All visible teaching materials should be from the current unit of study!

f. Interactive boards that stimulate students to become involved in new learning topic or review a unit

5. Cabinets for storage. Hinged shelves on rolling casters allows flexible space for storage. Hinges allow the shelves to be out of sight when not in use.

6. Pictures displayed at eye level.