PUPPETS - How to Operate

1. Make puppets look alive.

a. If the mouth is moveable, use it to indicate talking. If not, move the head rhythmically when speaking.

b. Puppets should look at whom they are speaking, with head tipped forward.

2. Puppets should speak and act realistically, according to the kind of person, animal, or object represented.

a. Voices -- vary pitch (high/low); vary tempo (fast/slow)

b. Characters are established through accents, mannerisms, physical characteristics, idiosyncrasies, likes, dislikes, age.

3. When using a stage, follow basic techniques

a. The puppet should not just pop out of thin air, but enter and exit as though walking up or down three steps, using depth of the stage.

b. Lock in elbow to keep arm straight.

c. Keep wrist down so puppets can "look" at audience.

d. Space puppets apart to look realistic.