CORRECT FURNITURE SIZE - Children's Sunday School

Survey the furnishings in your classroom. If they are too small or too large, exchange furniture with another class. Appropriately sized furnishings are important if the child is to be comfortable in his learning environment.

Preschool 10"-12" chair height; 20"-22" table height

Grades 1-3 12"-14" chair height; 22"-24" table height

Grades 4-6 14"-16" chair height; 24"-26" table height

When selecting equipment and furnishings, 4 things to keep in mind:

(1) Safety: watch out for sharp edges or corners, anything that could be pulled or tipped over. Can it be easly cleaned and disinfected?

(2) Durability: How long will it hold up? Figure the use anything gets will be ten times harder than home use.

(3) Size and Usability. Is it the right size? Can it be used by children of different ages and sizes for different activities?

(4) Asethetics: Is the design attractive? Do color, size and shape add or detract from the overall aesthetic?