"She's something special," a 10-year-old girl related regarding her Sunday School teacher. when asked why this comment, the student replied, "My teacher cares about me." This teacher showed her concern, not only in the classroom, but beyond during the week. Whenever a pupil was absent, she visited the home to determine the reason. If someone was sick, a card or small gift would accompany the visit. Frequent phone calls were made to let students know she was thinking about them and praying.

Parties were planned each month with all class members and their friends participating. Many times this teacher would take pupils out individually for a hamburger. The children developed confidence in their teacher-friend. They unloaded problems, asked for direction when confused, and sought answers for situations and questions which bothered them. Often these discussions ended in prayer, with the child receiving definite help and guidance.

This teacher prayed daily for each name on her roll. She had the privilege of leading class members into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Do you care about your pupils? Do you show your concern by involvement in lives? Do you contact absentees regularly? Do you pray daily for pupils by name? Do you share the plan of salvation individually with unsaved class members?