Prior to the activity, talk about positive character qualities which people have such as being kind, considerate, friendly, helpful, nice, thoughtful, caring.  You can also discuss talents which people have such as singing, playing a musical instrument, being good at sports, etc.

Have the children sit in a circle on the floor or in chairs.  Give one child a large heart made from red construction paper.  While music is playing, the children pass the heart to their right around the circle.  Once the music stops, the pupil who has the heart will choose either the child to their left or right and say something positive about them, such as:  I think you are very kind.  You are a great soccer player.  I like how you color.  You are really nice.

Be sure something positive is said about each child in class before ending the activity.

Challenge the children to tell each of their family members something they really like about them on Valentine's Day either in person, on the phone or via e-mail.