Use the Easter eggs from your hunt and have a fun party with these ideas:

Over and Under Egg Pass:  Each team is given an egg.  The first person in line passes the egg over his head.  The second child passes it between his legs.  This pattern continues going down the line and back.

Grab An Egg:  Put the eggs on the floor in a large circle.  Everyone stands behind an egg.  Remove an egg, so one less than people. As music plays, walk to the right.  When music stops, grab for an egg.  Whoever doesn't have one is out.

Pass the Eggs:  Two eggs are placed in the circle.  As music plays, the eggs are passed.  When the music stops, whoever has the eggs must leave the circle.

Egg Spoon Relay:  Each team is given an egg and a spoon.  Place egg in spoon.  Go to goal line and back.

Bring the Egg Home:  Play like "Steal the Bacon," using an egg between the two teams.

Egg Toss:  Each child has 2 eggs.  Stand on goal line and toss into a container.  Count how many eggs each team has in their container.

Egg Relay:  Place eggs in a container for each team.  Team members run to container, get one egg, go back to their line and sit down.  First team with all sitting, wins!