Ask, “Have any of you ever received a letter from someone?”  (Let children share who their letters have been from.)

Show on your whiteboard the components of a letter: The greeting is “Dear Grandma.”  In the body of the letter you might thank her for something she has done for you or given to you.  You might share with her things which have been happening in your life.  You might even ask her for something.  The closing of the letter is when you write, “Love” and sign your name.

When we pray, it’s like writing a letter to God.  Our greeting is “Dear God.”  Then we can thank Him for things He has done for us or given us.  We can share with Him things which are going on in our lives.  And we might have some things we want to ask Him for.  The closing of our prayer is when we say “Amen.”

Children will open up their hearts when praying through writing letters, as did the child in the prayer she wrote pictured below.