1. Know why people are reluctant to serve in a children’s ministry position.

            a. Feel unqualified.

            b. Think someone else can do the job better than they can.

            c. Do not want to be tied down with responsibilities. Are content to worship, but not serve.

            d. Afraid they will fail. Fear of the unknown is a vital drawback of volunteers.

            e. Lack of confidence. o not understand what is involved in the specific assignment.

            f. Worker fatigue. Often too few people are called upon to carry too many responsibilities.

            g. Poor enlistment techniques. Out of desperation, we often grab anyone and then beg: “There’s no one else who will do it.”

2. Assess present and future needs.

To obtain an overview of the personnel needs in your children’s division, list all the positions - those which are filled and the ones which need to be staffed.

3. Spend thirty days in prayer, asking God to lead you to just the right persons for just the right    jobs.

It’s amazing how responsive people are when God places a ministry on their heart.

4. Recruit through personal contact.

60% of the people in any congregation do NOT respond to general announcements! One-on-one recruitment is always the most effective, and also eliminates the possibility of people responding for a position who are not qualified.

5. Set a time limit on assignments, and honor your commitment.

Sometimes when a person accepts a job, it becomes a lifetime assignment. Staff members may need short respites or different ministry assignments to remain challenged.