GOD HELPED SAMSON - Interactive Bible Story - Judges 13

Instructions:  Divide the class in half.  Every time one group hears the word "Samson" in the story, they stand and say together: "God helps me."  The other group listens for the word "lion" -- stands and shouts "Raaaahh!"  Practice.  When telling the story, pause after each word in bold.

Story:  Samson was the strongest man in the world.  That's the way God made Samson.  One day a lion ran toward Samson.  The lion opened his mouth and roared at Samson.  The lion jumped at SamsonSamson grabbed the lionSamson fought the lionSamson killed the lion with his hands.  God helped Samson.  God will help you, too, when you really need Him.  The next time you need God's help, ask Him, the same way Samson did when fighting the lion.

If desired, have the children switch parts and tell the story again.