Divide the children into four groups. Assign each group to a corner in the room and number the corners from 1-4. Choose one child to be the Caller. Before playing the game, review the verse by saying it it unison several times together.

The Caller stands with his or her back to all four groups of children and says a number: 1, 2, 3, or 4. The teacher and children in that corner say the verse. Then the children sit down. The teacher redistributes the children in the other three groups so that there are children in all four corners once again.

The Caller calls out another number. The teacher and children in that group say the verse and the children sit down. Again, the teacher redistributes the remaining children to fill the four corners.
Continue in this manner until there is only one child left. This child becomes the Caller for the next game.

Contributed by Donna Fillmore