(Check for food allergies before doing this edible object lesson.)

Items Needed:  2 slices of bread for each child, a plastic knife for each child, peanut butter, jelly, and paper plates.

Edible Object Lesson: Allow the children to spread peanut butter on one half of the sandwich and jelly on the other, using plastic knives (with adult supervision).  Before eating, ask the pupils to gently press the two sides together and then take apart.

Discussion: What happened when the two sides touched each other?  (Some jelly went to the peanut butter side and some peanut butter rubbed off on the jelly side.)  This is why we need to make good choices in choosing friends because our friends rub off on us.  What does this mean?  (If they are doing something bad, we might be tempted to do it, too.)  Who is going to help us this week to “do what is right”?  (Jesus).