Potential volunteers often misunderstand the task they are asked to perform. No one can satisfactorily function in a given role unless it is clearly understood what is expected. Included in the job description should be some indication of what the volunteer may expect from the church, as well as what the church expects from the volunteer.

A job description is a list of the general tasks, essential functions, and responsibilities of a ministry area. Each description should include: position title, essential duties to be performed, and to whom the position reports.

It’s helpful to begin each responsibility with an action verb, such as: approve, assist, conduct, coordinate, delegate, design, establish, evaluate, facilitate, guide, handle, implement, improve, instruct, maintain, manage, operate, plan, prepare, present, recruit, schedule, strengthen, teach, train, trouble shoot.

For instance, for your recreation director you might write: Select age-appropriate games and activities for the 30-minute recreation time; demonstrate games and activities to the VBS staff at the training session - so teachers and helpers are familiar with the rules; direct each recreation segment. 

The music director job description might say: One of the most effective ways to learn Christian truths is through music. Words or concepts which are difficult to memorize in prose form may be learned quickly when combined with a memorable tune. Long after VBS is over, many children will still be singing the songs they have learned. You have the opportunity to select the songs which each group will be learning during the Music Segment and to creatively teach them. You are responsible for obtaining needed audio and/or visual equipment for use during the music segments. You will lead each age group in performing at the VBS closing program.