Decide what creative methods will carry the lesson aim, incorporating as much
multisensory integration as possible through:
a. Seeing
b. Smelling
c. Tasting
d. Hearing
e. Feeling
f. Doing

Seeing and hearing could be viewing a video of Jesus calming the storm. Acting out the story while being sprayed with a mist of water would be the doing and feeling. Add an open can of sardines, you've got the smell of the ocean!

Our senses are the primary way information goes the brain. When an activity appeals to two or more senses, more learning happens. When you use multisensory learning, boredom is reduced. Reduced boredom means reduced behavior challenges.

Some kids need to be moving or touching something in order to learn best. There's a reason why Billy likes to fidget with a toy car during the lesson and why Susie likes to hug the teddy bear she brings each week. Why not put something related to the lesson in Billy's hand - and something to Suzie from the story to hold and interact with?

Methods are not ends in themselves but only a means for reaching your goal which is placing kids in a position where they're ready to allow God to enter their lives with His transforming power!