By teaching children a few simple instructions, they will have basic acting skills which will enhance the presentation with nothing distracting the message.

1.  Before going onstage, breath deeply three times which will help you relax.
2.  Be sure the audience sees your face at all times.
3.  Do not stand directly in front of another person.
4.  Make certain your chin is never dropped, sending the sound of your voice down instead of out to the audience.
5.  Say your lines loud enough so people sitting in the last row can hear you.
6.  Vary the pitch of your voice if you have a lengthy speech.
7.  When you are taking no direct part in the action of the scene, stand still.  let your hands hang loose and relaxed by your side.  Any movement draws away audience attention.
8.  If a line receives a laugh, don’t come back in too soon.  Begin speaking again just before the laugher fades out.
9.  Stay in character during the entire performance.
10. Speak your lines as if you’ve never spoken them before.
11. The value of your character is not determined by the number of lines.