Make expectations clear by setting up a few classroom rules:

a. Follow directions
b. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
c. Be respectful - that includes respecting the teacher, visitors, other students, and property

When giving the rules, explain reasons behind.Children have a right to know that when we all obey the rules we are safer and have more fun. The goal of discipline is to teach children and to lead them increasingly toward self-discipline.

Post the rules in each of the rooms the children use at both for Sunday school and mid-week programming.  Ask all children's leaders to consistently follow-through with them.

Ask God to give you wisdom to respond, not react, to situations and that your inner attitude will always be appropriate when exercising authority.

Follow a set plan for desirable behavior.

a. Deal with the problem individually.
b. Have the child tell what he did and share "What rule was broken?"
c. Ask what rule was broken.
d. Be sure child understands why the behavior is not acceptable.
e. Let the child experience the consequences of his behavior.
f. Give love and reassurance.
g. Redirect the child into positive activity.