VBS - Attendance Boosters

Balloon Burst

Write names of prizes on paper, fold, and insert into balloons. Blow up the balloons, tie a string on the end, fasten to a long string stretched across the room. All who qualify can break the balloon of their choice with a hat pin, and receive the prize listed inside.

Battle of the Sexes

Have the boys and girls compete against each other. Award 500 points for attendance and 1,000 points for each new visitor brought.

Gift Pyramid

Businesses in the community will often donate items for you to use as prizes. Be sure there is an extensive display of prizes, so numerous children can receive something. The person who brings the most friends may choose first what they want. The next runner-up may then choose. This way, a child can select a gift they will really enjoy and use.

Millionaire Acres

Print play money in $10 denominations. In the center of each piece write, "This is valuable to you! You may spend it at Millionaire Acres the last day of VBS." Award the money daily for attendance and visitors brought. Set up a bank where children may turn in their money and accurate records are kept. Organize Millionaire Acres with gifts containing price tags. Each child may withdraw his money the final day of VBS and "shop" for items at Millionaire Acres.

Mystery Names

Daily select "Mystery Names" from the VBS enrollment. Each child who is present receives a small gift.


On the Saturday after VBS, you can have a "Fun Fest" and invite the parents. During the week, the children attending Vacation Bible School are awarded tickets for attendance and bringing friends which they can spend at the fair. Adult Sunday School classes can sponsor booths.


Boys and girls love to receive trophies. Award trophies to all who bring 3 friends to VBS who have never attended before.