HE'S ALIVE - Free Children's Easter Drama

Matthew 28: 1-10; Mark 16: 1-10; Luke 24: 1-12

Cast: 8 girls; 5 boys (Can combine parts for smaller group.)

At Rise: All girls and boys (except Boy #4) are standing around, talking.

B1: Is it really true?

G2: I don't know but that's what I heard.

G3: It can't be true.

G4: My dad was there.

B2: Really?!

B5: Then it's really true that they killed Jesus?

G4: I was already in bed Friday night, but I heard my dad and mother talking. They crucified Jesus, buried Him in a tomb, and rolled a great, huge stone in front.

G6: Didn't that make you upset, hearing all that?

G4: I was so worried I couldn't sleep.

G5: Why would they kill Jesus, after all the great things He did for people?

B3: Because they didn't understand Him and they were afraid.

G6: I just can't believe that Jesus is dead.

G7: Did you guys know that Jesus brought my 12-year old cousin back to life?

B2: Wow!

B3: You're kidding!

G7: No, I'm not. She had been really sick. My aunt and uncle had the best physicians, but she died. My Uncle Jairus raced from the house one day. Everybody knew where He was going.

G8: To find Jesus?

G7: Yes.

B1: Did your Uncle Jairus find Him?

G7: Yes, and Jesus went to their home. He said, "Get up." And she jumped up and walked around! My aunt and uncle couldn't get over it!

B2: Wow!

B3: He really was the Son of God.

B5: I'm going to miss Him so much!

G1: You knew Jesus?

B5: Yes, I went to hear Him teach one day.

B2: Wow!

B5: Before leaving, Mom fixed me a lunch with five of her homemade barley loaves and two fish. Late afternoon, one of Jesus' disciples noticed I had a lunch with me. He explained to me that all the people were hungry and wanted to know if I would be willing to give my lunch to Jesus.

G2: I heard about that! I didn't know that was you!

G3: I heard about it, too! Jesus took your lunch, gave thanks to God and passed the food out to everyone.

B5: Yeah! Someone said that the approximate count of just the men was 5,000!

B2: Wow!

G5: Was it true there were 12 baskets of food left over?

B5: That's absolutely right!

G8: What a great miracle!

G1: And now He's gone . . .

G2: Forever.


B1: This is the Sabbath. Who in the world would that be?


G3: Well, someone needs to answer the door.

(KNOCK . . . more insistent)

B3: I'll go see who is there. (PRETENDS TO OPEN DOOR)

B4 (ENTERS): He's alive!

B2: What?

B4: He's alive!

B2: Who is alive?


ALL: Jesus?

B4: Yes! The women had gone to the tomb.

G5: What women?

B4: Mary Magdalene, and James' mother Mary, and Salome. The stone had been rolled away!

G8: Rolled away?

B4: And the tomb was empty!

B2: Empty?

B4: And there they saw -

G8: What?

B4: Two men in shining garments! They were angels! And the angels said, "Why are you looking in a tomb for someone who is alive? He is RISEN - just as He said He would. Don't just stand there. Go - tell His disciples."

G1: He's alive!

G1,2: He's alive!

G1,2,B1,2: He's alive!

G1,2,3,4, B1,2,3,4: He's alive!