There Just Isn't Anything. . .Anywhere. . .Above Love

(Source Unknown)

How does it act? This love.

Well, for one thing...

When no-love says, "Look, I've had it with you. You've had plenty of chances."

Love says, "I believe you'll make it. I'll wait." And does. Without making anybody uncomfortable.

When no-loves says, "How would you ever get along without me?"

Love says, "What would I ever do without you?"

When no-loves says, "After me."

Love says, "After you."

When no-love says, "What's in it for me?"

Love says, "I'll be glad to share."

When no-love says, "Get off my back."

Love says, "I'll try to understand."

When no-love says, "Well, I'm not one bit surprised. That's just what I thought."

Love says, "Let's keep hoping."

When no-love says, "I could have told them a long time ago she's no good."

Love says, "I wonder what I would have done under similar circumstances?"

When no-love says, "I quit."

Love says, "Never. Never ever."

And goes right on. Believing the best.

And it doesn't just talk. It acts.