TEACHER TRAINING - Mary Rice Hopkins & Darcie Maze

Mary Rice Hopkins and Darcie Maze combine music and puppetry, two of the most powerful teaching tools for communicating the gospel to our world, to inspire and equip teachers to effectively convey the good news of God’s love to His children. With over 30 years experience in their gifts of music and puppetry, they come with proven and effective tools that work in children’s ministries.

Their passion for teaching and heart for ministry, combined with their enthusiasm and contagious excitement, create a unique team that is motivating teachers at national conferences and church assemblies. At the center of Mary’s and Darcie’s teaching is a love for the Lord and a desire to see teachers effectively communicate and share His love with others. Fulfilling the Great Commission to go into all the world and make disciples, this dynamic duo is teaching and equipping thousands to “walk like Jesus.”

Brenda Carpenter, an elementary school teacher at Liberty Christian School in Richland, Washington, shares how Mary’s seminars motivated and challenged her as a teacher. “After attending one of Mary’s teaching seminars,” she said, “I left challenged and excited about the new tools I had acquired to communicate and effectively teach. I discovered that music was a highly motivational technique to teach the truths found in God’s Word. Mary inspired me to incorporate this musical gift in all my lessons, and I’ve found it extremely effective. When children leave the classroom with a song in their hearts, and teachers are singing the songs long after the class is over, I witness God’s Word taking root in our lives.”

Darcie Maze is also touching hearts and encouraging teachers with her unique gift of puppetry. Jo Ann Clark, Director of Children’s Ministries, Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church of Burbank, reflecting on a training event with Darcie, said, “Darcie came to help us with our Emmanuel Puppet Team training. She came with lots of puppets, ideas, methods and helps. Some of the visitors were so excited that they decided to join the team that night. Several on the team shared that they learned more than just puppet techniques. They heard God speak though Darcie correcting their attitudes and revitalizing their purpose in ministry. We were blessed with even more than the practical and helpful ideas in ministry.”

Whether a new teacher just beginning in ministry or a seasoned teacher with years of experience, Mary and Darcie will challenge, motivate, inspire and revitalize their purpose in ministry.

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SEMINAR TOPICS by Mary Rice Hopkins and Darcie Maze


Chocolate meets Peanut Butter!! (Combining music and puppetry)
Music and puppetry are two of the most powerful teaching tools for communicating the gospel to His little ones. You will learn how to share the gospel, teach Bible stories and have fun at the same time. You can combine a song and simple story that will last a lifetime. You might think you are non-musical and have no acting abilities. That's OK! We are here to give you tools to share and teach the way that Jesus taught.


Training Wheels

Tools, ideas, songs, and stories that not only encourage but also provide ways they can make a lasting impact on each child.

Teach them, Reward them, Affirm their differences, Include them, Nurture them as the Bible says “T.R.A.I.N. our children in the way they should go.”


Need a New GPS?

It's time for a GOD POSITIONING SYSTEM! Need a new GPS in your children's ministry? Need a new and exciting direction to navigate you through the tough areas of ministry? Using proven teaching techniques, quality music, and object lessons with direction, you will be equipped and encouraged to further the gospel with unique and creative teaching ideas.


Do Not Fear, Sing Through the Year and You’ll Get VOLUNTEERS!!

Have you ever said, “I need a great song to bring volunteers to help in our classrooms?” Music with a great object lesson is a powerful tool for stirring the heart to help and to demonstrate how children are capable of worship and focus. Have you ever said, “What music will fit best with our daily lesson?” Around every corner there is an event or club to prepare for with a different season and emphasis, whether it is Easter or Christmas or Mother’s Day. Why not reinforce the time of year with Biblically-based songs and lessons? We’ll help you prepare with simple songs, motions, and ideas that are sure to impact your programs and lessons with fun, laughter, and worship. We will provide you with hands-on tools and ideas to help eliminate your stress!


Positive Discipline for Children

Do you often feel more like a drill sergeant than a parent or teacher? You are not alone! Without proper management of discipline problems, utter chaos can break out in a matter of seconds. Learn to provide boundaries with dignity so that both you and the child can make the most of your time together.


The ABCs of Praise

So many ways to praise You Lord, I don't know where to start. But with these ABCs of praise, I can express my heart…from A-Z! Are you having trouble getting your kids to sing? Are you looking for ways to include the little ones? Are you in need of new object lessons to reinforce your main point or Bible story? Do you want to incorporate music into your lesson theme? With simple hand motions, performance ideas, and more, you can be musical EVEN if you are not musical. You don’t have to be a singer to attend; however, knowing how to operate a CD/Cassette player will help!


Minister to the Spanish Speaking World with Music and Motion

Learn how to minister to the Spanish speaking world. Using 12 of Mary’s much-loved songs, you’ll learn how to imprint God’s message of love on children’s hearts and teach them how to “Caminare´ Como Cristo (Walk Like Jesus). You’ll learn hand-motions that will make learning the songs fun and memorable, explore exciting ways to use the songs in the classroom, and discover a great language-teaching tool. Songs recorded on Canciones para Toda la Familia will be taught that are recorded in both Spanish and English. This will truly be a fun and unique seminar for all.


Sharable Parables: Every Important Lesson, I learned from the Parables

Jesus was the best storyteller of all. Learn how to incorporate these important stories through music and activities and fun hand motions into your lessons. Teach children about forgiveness through the Prodigal Son, being a giver vs. greediness from the rich young fool, being a Good Samaritan, how to use what God has given you from the talents. These are incredible ways to remember and sing the lesson way beyond the classroom.


Music in Motion…Singing Through the Bible from Creation to Parables

Why not have your children singing through the Bible as they leave the classroom? Simple ideas, tools, fun hand motions make this teaching time a great way to recharge any children’s ministry.



With use of creative teaching tools such as food, games, songs, and puppets, this seminar goes to the hard places where children's hearts have been hurt.


Can You Hear Me Now? Can You Hear ME NOW?

Just like the cellular commercial, this class will teach you how to filter through the static of today’s world by using creative teaching tools such as food, toys, household objects, popular videos, games, songs, illusions and puppets, to help you teach the Word of God.


Practical Problem-Free Puppetry

Can you believe it? Using a simple puppet can be intimidating! But the second leading tool of ministry to children does not have to be the least used. Do you need an assistant in the classroom? Do you know that a puppet can do everything but grade papers? This class will show you how to create simple hand puppets, how to work without a stage, and how to increase the excitement level of reading time.


"Got Volunteers?”

Just when you and your co-workers are wondering if you are making any progress, that’s the time to “dig in” and realize that the battle is the Lord’s. “Got Volunteers?” reveals the keys to finding and keeping volunteers by helping them find a renewed vision and strength. This class may also help you renew your courage and restore your vision. You will learn: How to recruit and keep volunteers, ways to continue making progress, ways to help restore hope and courage by discovering the value within each other, and, when changes occur, how to avoid the feeling of discomfort and feeling paralyzed.



Mary Rice Hopkins, Recording Artist, Author and Speaker

Celebrating 30 years in family music ministry, the unique songs of recording artist Mary Rice Hopkins have captured the hearts of children and grown-ups alike. Mary is also known for keynote speaking and leading worship at events such as MOPS, Moms in Touch Int’l, Women’s Retreats, ACSI, CPC, and more. You've heard her works with Group Publishing, Cook Ministries, Crossway Books, Harvest Crusades, Time Life’s Praise & Worship Series, and Maranatha! Music.

Darcie Maze, Puppeteer & Teacher-Trainer

Darcie has been in children’s ministry for over 30 years. She creates and designs puppets, conducts teacher training workshops and seminars nationally, crossing many denominational lines. She studied Child Evangelism at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, and Life Bible College in Los Angeles and is an ordained minister. Her vision is to train teachers for children’s ministry and to supply puppets and resources.