by Debra Baker

When people register, and EVERYONE should register, we give them 10 free tickets. Each game takes 1 ticket. If they want more, then we charge $1 for 10 more. The registration form I made up on my computer, 4 on a sheet, asks for name, address, phone, and birthday or grade.

Besides carnival games, we also have a chili and brownie bake-off. One ticket is needed to taste and vote. The winners get silly prizes.

We ask area businesses to donate door prizes. Periodically through the evening we draw out a name from the registration papers, announce the name, and the winner gets to choose which prize they wanted. We send out thank you letters to the businesses and have signs up at the party that list all the businesses who donated. We also mention them in our church newsletter.

Some possible games are: guess the weight of the giant pumpkin; ring toss onto soda cans; fishing game; and cake walk.

We also have displays in the fellowship hall of all the ministries of our church. Posters and pictures, as well as brochures of what happens at the church will let new people get an idea of what your church is all about.