JESUS IS BORN - Christmas Skit

by Betty Robertson

{Copies of this skit may be made for non-commerical use.}

At Rise: Shepherds are sitting are the fire, warming their hands.

Narrator: The sheep on the fields outside Bethlehem were all tucked in for a good nights sleep. It was dark, but they weren't afraid. They knew their shepherds were watching over them. The fire felt good; the night was chilly.

(Shepherds put hands over their eyes; act scared)

Shepherd # 1: Do you see what I see?

Shepherd # 2: Yes!

Shepherd # 3: Me, too!

Shepherd # 1: I'm scared!

Shepherd # 2: Me, too!

Shepherd # 3: Look at that light in the sky!

Angel: Don't be afraid. I have good news! A Baby has been born tonight.

Shepherds (in unison)? A BABY?

Angel: Yes, a baby. The most important baby in all the world.

Shepherd # 1: Important baby?

Angel: A very special baby. A Savior. His name is Jesus.

Shepherd # 2: A Savior?

Shepherd # 3: Can this be true?

Angel: It's true. He is in Bethlehem, right this very minute. He's in a stable -all wrapped up and tucked in - lying in a manger.

Shepherd # 1: Do you see what I see?

Shepherd # 2: Yes!

Shepherd # 3: The sky is full of angels!

Shepherd # 1: Do you hear what I hear?

Shepherd # 2: Yes!

Shepherd # 3: The angels are all praising God!

Shepherd #1: "Glory to God in the highest...

Shepherd # 2: "...and on earth peace, good will toward men."

Shepherd # 3: I've never heard anything so wonderful!

(Shepherds fall on their knees to the ground in worship)

Narrator: The angels in the sky disappeared. The light disappeared. It was dark again.

Shepherd # 1: I wonder if it's true?

Shepherd # 2: It MUST be true! An angel told us!

Shepherd # 3: There's only one way to be sure. We must go to Bethlehem and find out.

(Shepherds cross stage to "Bethlehem" and kneel at a manger.)