Theme: God’s family; the body of Christ
Look at your feet. Would your feet totally by themselves be any good? No! They must be connected to the rest of your body to function properly.
Look at your hands. Would your hands be useful if they were all by themselves? No, they would not!
Is there any part of your body that would be good on its own? No body part would be good on its own, because each part needs all the other parts to form a complete body.
The eyes can blink, but they don’t think. The eyes can see, but they cannot hear. Have you ever stubbed your toe? Though it’s a small part of the body, when a toe hurts, the whole body hurts with it. The different parts work together and make up the whole body.
The family of God, the church, is like a body. Not all people do the same thing, but all are important. One person might be like a foot, taking the gospel to another country. Someone else might be like a hand, helping people in need. There are those who are mouths with the gift of singing. Everyone has different talents, abilities and gifts, but as the family of God works together in one unit, great things can be accomplished for Christ.

Discussion Questions:
1. Who at your church in the body of Christ uses hands to serve? (Greeters, people who prepare food, and teachers who create lessons.)
2. Who at your church in the body of Christ uses their feet to help and serve others? (People use their feet to visit sick people in the hospital; they also use their feet when they walk door-to-door handing out fliers about special events.)
3. Who at your church uses their mouth to serve? (The pastor, teachers, and those who offer words of encouragement to others use their mouths to serve.)

Action Step: Make a list of the talents and abilities you have. Make a plan for using at least one of them this week.

Bible Verse: “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it” (1 Corinthians 12:27).

Suggested Song:Everybody Has a Body” (Lighthouse album) -- Click on song title to hear a clip.