"There will be a TEST next Sunday. Everyone be sure and come!"

The boys and girls in your class would not jump for joy upon hearing such an announcement, yet the basic goal of teaching is learning! Acquiring knowledge comes through reinforcement, and reinforcement comes as a result of continual review.

A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon pictures Calvin sitting in class, eyes half closed, about ready to drift off to sleep. Suddenly he sits upright and screams, "BORING!" "UNINTERESTING!" "HO-HUM!"

I've seen it often. The child who sits in class like a zombie, showing no interest, will become almost automatically drawn into a Bible game. Or Joe Cool who wouldn't be caught dead singing or participating in any way, can't resist participating in a game.

"A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down," sang Walt Disney's Mary Poppins. Her point, of course, was that even things which are distasteful can be made pleasant - in fact, downright fun.

This same principle applies to Christian Education. The primary purpose of Bible games is to review Bible facts, verses, and concepts. Educational experts tell us that one-third of our teaching time should be spent in review!

Application of knowledge is important for utilization. Reviewing helps learning become a meaningful part of a child's life. One way to accomplish this goal, is to teach with Bible games. The components of games are the same as for tests: questions and answers, with the added ingredient of fun!