Set up a mini obstacle course in your room to act out the story of the prodigal son.  You’ll need four stations.

At station 1, place a hat, a bag, and a pile of money (cut green construction paper) in a shoe box.
At station 2, place an empty shoe box to hold the money.
At station 3, make a square of masking tape on the floor for a pigpen.
At station 4, place a robe on a chair to represent “home.”

Let each child go through the obstacle course.  At station 1, the child should stuff the play money in the bag and put on the hat.  At station 2, the child should dump the money into the shoe box.  At station 3, the child should get on all fours inside the pigpen square and oink a few times.  At station 4, the child should put on the robe and sit in the chair.  Have a helper return the items to their proper stations as children finish with them so they’ll be there for the next child moving through the game.

As you let each child try the obstacle course, listen to the song “Come on Home” from Come on Home album by Mary Rice Hopkins.  (Click on song title to hear a clip.)