JESUS IS ALIVE - Easter Skit
By Betty B. Robertson

(Permission granted to reproduce for local church use.)

CAST: 5 friends of Jesus; 4 women; 2 soldiers (non-speaking parts); adult narrator

(If you need fewer parts, cut back on friends and women and combine lines. If you need more
parts, add more friends in the room and re-arrange lines.)

AT RISE: Jesus' friends are sitting in a room together, talking.

Friend # 1: I can't believe Jesus is dead.

Friend # 2: I saw His enemies drag Him through the streets of Jerusalem, to the hill outside the city. . .

Friend # 1: . . . where they nailed Him to a cross by His hands and feet.

Friend # 3: And they put that cross in a great big hole dug in the ground, so it would stand up straight and left Him to die.

Friend # 4: I helped take Him down from the cross and wrap Him in clean clothes. We carried Him to a garden tomb outside the city.

Friend # 5: I was there, too. I saw the soldiers roll an enormous stone over the entrance.
And the soldiers stayed there to guard the tomb.

Friend # 2: This is the end of the second day and I'm still really frightened.

Friend # 3: Me, too. Are you sure the door is locked tight?

(During the following narration, the SOLDIERS act out what they hear being said.)

Adult Narrator: At the tomb garden, it was quiet. One of the guards was standing; the other
sitting on the ground. Suddenly, the earth began to tremble! The soldiers were scared! An angel of the Lord came down from heaven. Before the horrified eyes of the soldiers, he went to the great stone that closed the tomb and rolled it aside! The tomb was open! The soldiers were
shaking with fear. The angel looked at them and they fell down like dead men. Then it was all
quiet again.

(The women are carrying spices and perfumes; walking toward the tomb.)

Woman # 1: I don't know what we're going to do. The stone they rolled across the entrance of the tomb was huge.

Woman # 2: I know. I don't think all four of us pushing together could budge it.

Woman # 3: Maybe there will be someone around that can help us.

Woman # 4 (Who had been walking ahead a little): You're not going to believe this!

Woman # 1: What?

(Woman # 1, 2, 3 catch up to Woman # 4)

Woman # 4: The tomb is OPEN!

Woman # 2: OPEN?

Woman # 3: What do you mean OPEN?

Woman # 4: The stone has been rolled aside.

(They all go a little father).

The Women in Unison: Jesus is GONE! Jesus is GONE!

Adult Narrator: Suddenly two angels appeared to the women. They said, 'Don't be afraid. Jesus
is alive. He is RISEN! He is risen - just as He told you He would be.'

(Women # 1 runs to where the friends are)

Woman #1: He's risen! He's risen! He's risen!

Friend # 1: It's not possible.

Friend # 2: Let's go see for ourselves.

(Friend # 1 and 2 go to open tomb. They peek inside.)

Friend # 1: Jesus IS gone!

Friend # 2: The cloth He had been wrapped in is here. But Jesus is gone!

(The friends and women all go back to where the other friends are still sitting in the room.)

Friend # 1: Jesus is gone.

Friend # 4: What do you mean GONE?

Friend # 1: The stone from the tomb had been moved and the tomb was empty!

Friend # 3: How could this have happened?

Friend # 4: I'm really scared now.

Friend # 5: Me, too. Are you sure the door is locked tight?

Adult Narrator: Later that evening, right before their eyes - Jesus appeared! He said to them,
'Why are you afraid? I am really Jesus. Look at my hands. You'll see the marks from the nails.
Look at my feet. There are more nail marks.'

All friends and women together: Jesus, You're alive! You're ALIVE! You're ALIVE!